What an Average Person Actually Thinks About AI Taking Away Jobs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on humans/jobs/society is ‘the’ raging issue in the tech world today. Even as adoption of AI among businesses gains momentum, the #1 concern that continues to dominate all debates is whether AI will take away our jobs?

Research and consulting organizations worldwide have released multiple reports around this issue in the last one year, with none of them giving a really concrete answer one way or the other. At best, they’ve indicated that AI will only replace certain kinds of jobs (the ones low on skills) and will actually lead to rise in other kinds of jobs (those requiring higher and sophisticated skills).

This time I decided to move a little away from what the Gartner, EY, Deloitte and McKinsey have been predicting, and listen to some real-time chatter on ground. That’s when I came across Kialo, a new social network for debates that calls itself ‘a debate platform powered by reason’. The platform features thousands of debates on matters ranging from politics, religion and ethics to science, technology, philosophy, education, etc. People participating in these debates speak out their mind for what they believe in, either in favor or against the topic.

So, in the quest to understand what regular and everyday people think of AI, I went about searching on the topic on Kialo. And, not surprisingly, one of the hottest debates pertaining to AI on the forum is around the technology replacing human jobs.

Mentioned below I have captured the pros and cons debated by the people on two related threads on the forum:

  • Thread 1: AI will soon replace humans in the workplace
  • Thread 2: Automation and AI should replace as many human jobs as possible

This is certainly not the blog if you are seeking expert views as the arguments and opinions expressed by the people in these two debates are not opinions of experts. But then, that is exactly the point of the blog. I’m not looking to bring here to the business and technology leaders what the experts are thinking. You probably already know that better than me and have been following them regularly. What i’m rather seeking to highlight here is some semblance of what an average person, who could be your existing or future employee/customer/partner/influencer thinks about AI. And, as you may see, the arguments range from philosophical to moral and ethical bearings of AI, signifying one critical fact – that in the larger context, as businesses move towards AI adoption, it will be pertinent for their leaders to not only cover economic ground, but also cover moral, ethical and philosophical implications of their AI decisions.

Thread 1: AI will soon replace humans in the workplace


Thread 2: Automation and AI should replace as many human jobs as possible

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