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We Add Value to Customers in Areas We Are Experts In: Ganapathy Subramaniyan, EVP, Startek

We Add Value to Customers in Areas We Are Experts In Ganapathy Subramaniyan, CIO, Startek

“Of all business verticals, I think ITES has the responsibility to be the frontrunner as far as technology adoption is concerned. The onus is on us. We have to be the leaders,” says Ganapathy Subramaniyan, Executive Vice President, Startek. With more than 50,000 employees and global presence in over 12 countries, Startek is a leader in the BPM sector with IT solutions ranging from RPAs, chatbots and customer journey analytics to automation.

Subramaniyan has been the quiet force behind the digital transformation story at Aegis Global, now Startek. With more than two decades of experience in leading, strategizing and managing technical infrastructure in domestic and international markets, the dynamic ITES industry veteran has led the digital transformation journey, which started four years back, from the front. According to him, the way Aegis used to function moved away substantially from traditional outsourcing companies long back. They gave up the conventional business models and started focusing on how to add value to customers and provide sophisticated digital services to new as well as existing customers.

“There are companies which still talk of inbound calls, outbound calls, voice loggers, etc. Typically, IT in a BPM setting needs to deliver what the business wants. We have turned the tables now. We go to the business and ask them about the things that they need to deliver. We tell them: here is the RPA capability, the analytics platform and the customer journey analytics. Figure out how to sell it,” says Subramaniyan. He specializes in IT transformation, digital strategy, integration and optimization, change management, leadership and team building, system architecture, customer relationship management, disaster recovery solutions and risk assessments.

As one of the first steps towards digital transformation, Subramaniyan created a strong internal IT solutions team to drive digital transformation 3 years back. That was an overlap between IT and IT development teams. Responding to the question on how they chose the areas that they were to focus on for their digital efforts, Subramaniyan is quite clear. They started with areas that they had expertise in. “As an ITES company, we had good control over customer touch points. We have largely focused on those,” he says.

When asked about the key differentiator for Aegis and why a company would approach it for analytics, Subramaniyan highlights that it is their very domain expertise that is the key differentiator and along with their capability to provide a customized Artificial Intelligence (AI) layer on top of the IT solution, supported by their analytics platform.

“When an asset management company comes to Aegis for an IT Solution, it expects something in which I am an expert. They can very well take analytics from third-party companies. There are many in the market. What we bring to the table is better insights into the customer data through our analytics platform because we know the customer touch points. Others don’t have that exposure. A third party which wouldn’t have seen how an IVR gets integrated into the telephony.” says he.

Elaborating on their chatbot capability, one of the areas that the company has been focusing on, Subramaniyan says that they provide customized solutions.

“I cannot have one size fits all chatbot capability or a solution that can fit into everybody’s business model. I need to have a separate chatbot for an IT company, or a bank or a telecom company, based on vertical specific requirements,” he says. According to him, the company’s IT solutions bring a new value proposition for its customers.


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