Virtual Call Centers Gaining Prominence in Time of Covid19 & Enabling Busniess to Run Seamlessly

Virtual call centres are now gaining prominence and more recently this kind of set up has enabled business to run and continuity to be maintained. This is also a way to keep employees safe as the outbreak of Covid19 is quiet life threating. Covid19 outbreak became the main reason as many global giants have been forced to take the option of work from home. From stand point of safety measures it is important that employees are motivated to work even from remote locations.

Many organizations are investing on remote call centre software. This type of software helps enables agents to manage both inbound and outbound calls from anywhere, including their own homes. Because it’s cloud-based, there’s no need to go through the hassle of setting up bulky equipment like EPABX systems.

There are solutions from many call centres that can be used remotely, where work from home agents can seamlessly supplement companies’ current workforce to provide a personalised and effortless experience to customers virtually.

The solutions can help business continuity and keep business going no matter what interruptions local office or business setting face. Since most of businesses are having their data centres in cloud, such remote working software allows employees to supplement the existing workforce with additional remote agents in minimal time. The time taken to deploy such software is done in days then weeks as done by vendors. So the ROI is also high. One such software is Bright pattern who has successfully deployed and rated #1 by G2 Crowd for quickest time to deploy out of all CaaS vendors in the industry.

These software have geographic flexibility and allows agent to access the exact same information that they would typically access in their offices from anywhere with a stable internet connection. The voice quality across geographies is also  maintained. All it takes is to divert all calls from your customer facing number to a hosted virtual number. Tailor-make your call flow in the dashboard and give your customers a pleasant experience by personalizing the call flow.


Advantages of Remote call centres 

  • Allows the agents to work from anywhere, including their home or café in safety. The agents won’t face resource crunch in adverse situations.
  • With such remote working, organizations don’t face the limitations of geographical locations. The hiring of agents from any parts of the world is flexible. It is especially useful if your support relies on people working in different time zones.
  • Many workers are happier with this arrangement. It means that they can stay in the comfort of their own home, rather than getting dressed in uncomfortable clothes and sitting in a cubicle all day. Many companies like Twitter, Google, Nike and Nestle to name a few has laid their strategies and are taking this big step.
  • Remote work isn’t easy, it requires having a plan and making several things clear. Using clear, constant, and transparent communication is as important to ensure work goes on without hindrance. Clarifying how work will be done: tasks, products, processes, schedules, deliveries, meetings becomes important and at the same time getting help from teams with expertise in remote work should be ensured.

The new mind set of remote working will bring about a profound digital transformation not just guided on technology platforms and systems, but on the culture and corporate mind set as a whole. While technology makes innovation possible, it’s the ability of an entire organization to embrace this innovation that will make all the difference.

(Image Courtesy: www.datamonsterinc.com)

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