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Unlimit Collaborates with PTC; Rolls out Disruptive Manufacturing and Industrial IoT Solutions

Unlimit the only end-to-end IoT service provider in India has announced  its first OEM partnership in Industry 4.0 with PTC Inc, a global leader in Industrial IoT Platform. Through this partnership, Unlimit will leverage PTC’s ThingWorx platform to accelerate Go To Market (GTM) and build smart, connected IoT solutions for Industrial IoT and AR/VR experiences. PTC will have access to Unlimit’s India presence, IoT expertise especially for the India market, and mutual customer connect in the Manufacturing and Industrial IoT sector.

Unlimit’s expertise on IoT implementations ranges from Connectivity to Device Management, Application Softwares and any form of Analytics.  The company strives to add value to the products and services through strategic collaborations with leading established IoT stakeholders.Commenting on the partnership, Jürgen Hase, CEO, Unlimit said, “We are thrilled to partner with PTC. Our joint vision is to improve the OEM ecosystem that will bring digital transformation in the industry, enhance customer experience and augment the business processes for our clients. With this partnership, we will focus on integrating the manufacturing enterprise value chain with product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, and service lifecycle management (SLM) solutions via PTC’s Thingworx IoT platform and Vuforia.”

ThingWorx, one of the best platform for Industrial IoT applications, is built with the complete suite of necessary capabilities. It has deep integration with complementary PTC technologies across the industrial value chain, from CAD and PLM to Augmented Reality. “PTC’s leading industrial innovation platform, field-proven solutions and services help companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things for a smart, connected world.  Together with Unlimit’s local expertise and proven innovation capabilities, we will provide our Industrial IoT platform to meet existing customer needs and capitalize on new market opportunities. We firmly believe that Unlimit’s knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing and industrial IoT industry will help PTC achieve business excellence.” said Kalyan Sridhar, Sales Vice President and Country Head, PTC India.

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