Top IoT Trend Expected to Rise in 2021

Business across the world witnessed a huge rise in usage of technology for both professional and personal purposes. Industries across the world are getting digitally empowered. These include driving new technologies and IT services across edge and cloud assets to drive productivity. These technologies include everything from advanced analytics, industrial IoT platforms, artificial intelligence, and digital twins and serve the manufacturing sector’s core needs. In the last few years, it has been observed that the Internet of Things has boomed.

The year 2020 has seen rapid growth of digital transformation, and with increased connectivity, 5G, and improvements in AI and machine learning.

Post covid in 2021, demand for new internet-of-things (IoT) applications, technologies and solutions will be driven by connected healthcare, smart offices, remote asset monitoring and location services, all powered by a growing diversity of networking technologies.

The COVID-19 changed the way many organizations think. Work-from-home and social distancing are the new normal for everyone and staying healthy is one of the topmost concerns. So, we expect to see more IoT technologies in the field that monitors behaviour in various ways to enforce health and safety guidelines.

  1. Digital Healthcare to gain momentum

IoT devices help medical workers to have real-time information on patient data while they remain at home. In coming years there will be a greater need to use connected healthcare solutions to manage illnesses and monitor health. Telemedicine is expected to continue even after the pandemic is over.

According to industry experts, there will also be greater interest in digital health devices among consumers in 2021, proactive engagement using wearable’s and sensors to detect patients’ health at home will surge.

  1. Smart offices will drive business transformation

In 2021, some firms will ditch expensive corporate real estate, driven by the Covid-19 crisis. According to an industry report in 2021, smart building technology will be focused on IoT applications for intelligent office initiatives.

It is expected that at least 80% of firms to develop comprehensive on-premises return-to-work office strategies that include IoT applications to enhance employee safety and improve resource efficiency.

  1. Connected machines will dominate Business and Operations

With the help of IoT driven technology, manufacturers and pharma companies switched to remote operations in 2020. IoT driven technology, manufacturers and pharmaceutical businesses were able to connect industrial assets. The benefits and positive impact gave rise to significant investments flowing in IoT in 2021, according to industry reports. In 2021, field service firms and industrial original equipment manufacturers will rush to keep up with customer demand for more connected assets and machines.

  1. Internet of behaviours will determine consumer convenience

In 2021, brands will utilise location to generate convenience for consumers or employees with virtual queues, roadside pick-up and checking in for reservations.

Some of the useful technological tools here include location tracking, big data, and facial recognition. The Internet of Behaviors (IoB) can be perceived as a people-centric approach to the IoT.

They will depend on technology partners to help use location data, as well as a third-party source of location trusted and controlled by consumers.

Social distancing is the new normal for everyone and staying healthy is one of the topmost concerns.

(Image Courtesy: www.ie.edu)

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