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To Reinvent & Improve Everyday Enterprise Tasks, AWS Announces 5 New Machine Learning Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), has announced five new artificial intelligence (AI) services designed to put machine learning (ML) in the hands of more application developers and end users – with no machine learning experience required.

AWS introduced new services that use AI to allow more developers to apply machine learning to create better end user experiences, including new machine learning-powered enterprise search, code reviews and profiling, fraud detection, medical transcription, and human review of AI predictions.

The five new AI series, allow organizations of all sizes across all industries to adopt machine learning in their enterprises – with no machine learning experience required.

Amazon Kendra: Kendra reinvents enterprise search with machine learning by allowing employees to search across multiple silos of data using real questions (not just keywords) and deploys AI technology behind the scenes to deliver the precise answers they seek (instead of a random list of links).

Internal search remains a vexing problem for today’s enterprises, and most employees still frequently struggle to find the information they need. Even with common web-based search tools, organizations still find internal search difficult. Employees are required to use keywords that may appear in multiple documents in different contexts, and these searches typically generate long lists of random links to find the information they seek.

Kendra helps to ensure that search results adhere to existing document access policies by scanning permissions on documents so that search results only contain documents for which the user has permission to access. Amazon Kendra actively retrains its machine learning model on a customer specific basis to improve accuracy.

Amazon CodeGuru:  

Improves software development by using machine learning to provide automated code reviews and helps organizations find their most expensive lines of code.

This is a new machine learning service that automates code reviews and finds an application’s most expensive lines of code. Amazon CodeGuru receives a pull request and automatically starts evaluating the code using pre-trained models. This includes reviewing the code changes for quality, and it if discovers an issue, it will add a human-readable comment to the pull request that identifies the line of code, specific issue, and recommended remediation.

This also contains a machine-learning powered application profiler that helps customers find their most expensive lines of code. CodeGuru can observe the application run time and profile the application code every five minutes. This code profile includes details on the latency and CPU utilization, linking directly back to specific lines of code. CodeGuru can help operators find the most expensive line of code in an application.

Amazon Fraud Detector: Delivers automated fraud detection using machine learning and is a fully managed service for Amazon. This includes detecting potential online identity and payment fraud in real time, based on the same technology used by Amazon’s consumer business – with no machine learning experience required.

Customers can send new activity (e.g. signups or new purchases) to the API and receive a fraud report, which includes a fraud risk score. Based on this report, the application can determine the right course of action. With Amazon Fraud Detector, customers can detect fraud quicker, easier, and more accurately.

Amazon Transcribe Medical: This service uses machine learning to transcribe medical speech, allowing health care providers to focus on patient care.

Amazon Transcribe Medical solves these problems by using machine learning technology to automatically transcribe natural medical speech. Clinical documentation applications built on top of Amazon Transcribe Medical’s speech-to-text capabilities produce accurate and affordable transcripts. This consists of multiple machine learning models that have been trained on tens of thousands of hours of medical speech to deliver accurate, machine learning-powered medical transcription. Transcripts are generated in real time, eliminating the multi-day turnarounds. Physicians can automatically transcribe conversations during the patient encounter without the distraction of manual notetaking, allowing health care providers to focus on patient care. Amazon Transcribe Medical is HIPAA eligible, and offers an easy-to-use API.

Amazon Augmented Artificial Intelligence (A2I): This service allows developers to validate machine learning predictions with human reviewers.

Machine learning can provide highly accurate predictions for a variety of use cases, including identifying objects in images, extracting text from scanned documents, or transcribing and understanding spoken language.

Developers choose a confidence threshold for their specific application and all predictions with a confidence score below the threshold are automatically sent to human reviewers for validation. Developers can choose to have their reviews performed by Amazon Mechanical Turk’s 500,000 global workers, third-party organizations with pre-authorized workers, or their own private reviewers. The results are stored in Amazon S3, and developers receive a notification when review is complete so they can take action based on the trusted results from human reviewers.

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President, Amazon Machine Learning, AWS said “With decades of experience in building machine learning systems, Amazon has created internal systems that successfully address such challenges, and today’s launches are the next iteration of the same customer obsession that spurred the development of these systems. With these launches, we are excited to make these machine learning-powered capabilities available to enterprise users without requiring any machine learning expertise.”

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