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Tips from Honda Cars India CIO for IoT Project Success

Work From Home Can Succeed Only When Office is Functioning: Hilal Khan, VP, Honda Cars

Despite the rising momentum, almost three fourths of IoT projects are failing, reveals a Cisco study done last year. As per the study, almost 60% of IoT initiatives stall at the PoC stage itself. Considering the high failure rate in the early stages itself, it is important for CIOs to get to the right start.

Hilal Khan, VP and Operating Head – IT, Honda Cars India, who has undertaken several IoT projects successfully over the years shares from his experiences a few tips and and guidelines for CIOs for successful IoT implementations. This is what he has to say.

Guideline 1: Start with a Clear Cut Business Case

IoT can never be the objective of any company. Any CIO or organization taking IoT as the starting point is going about the wrong way of doing things and will probably end up not reaching anywhere. One has to create a business case first and start with defining the business objective, and then go backward to use IoT as a method to achieving that. But, if one goes the other way round thinking that IoT is in fashion today and therefore let’s start thinking something around it, then it will not help the business and is bound to be a failure because one will have lots of data generated but will not know what to do with that data. This will be clear to only when one is starting from a clear business case rather than a technology case. So, the first recommendation for CIOs is to start small but start with a clear cut business case.

Guideline 2: Select Your Partner Very Carefully

Partners are a very critical component of any IoT project. However, currently in the Indian market there is a huge gap between the partners’ ability to talk technology and deliver technology. Therefore, what happens is that while the CIO gets into the partnership with the intent of reducing the headache, s/he will actually end up increasing the headache and ending up with one more partner to manage. The second recommendation for CIOs is to be very careful in forging partnerships and undertake selection of a partner who has demonstrated capability of taking them through thick and thin.

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