TBZ CTO Pooraan Jaiswal Moves On

Ace technology leader ?Dr. Pooraan ???? Jaiswal, has left TBZ – The Original. Pooraan joined the company in 2018 to shape up the unorganised jewellery industry with help of technology. He had taken bold steps to bring in various new technologies in the industry which many were afraid to due to inexperience and knowledge.

In his 3 years stint at the company, Pooraan not only changed the shape of the company, but also changed the people’s perception towards industry. The initiatives not only helped the company to adapt digital transformation with a fast pace but also proved to be profitable.

His aproach towards technology implementation has been extremely innovative even with limited resources and has yielded high returns for his organization. He has proved, one can start from anywhere to implement new technologies and make sure the companies achieve the targets within the set time, by taking everyone into the confidence. Even though Pooraan felt various challenges both internal and external, he kept his focus on the target and delivered the most challenging results. The pears in the industry are always ready to work with him, due to his friendly nature.

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