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SUSE’s New Enhanced Cloud Capabilites to Help Cos Transform Their Digital Infra

SUSE has introduced new, open hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities and application delivery innovations that enable businesses to support their own customers transform their digital infrastructures in their own way, as quickly as they need to.

“Because our customers have a growing need for computing solutions that span the edge to the core data center to the cloud, SUSE must be able to deploy and manage seamlessly across these computing models, unencumbered by technology boundaries,” said Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE president of Engineering, Product and Innovation.

“SUSE has very successfully delivered enterprise-grade Linux for more than 25 years, and it’s only natural that we have expanded to cover the entire range of customer needs for both software-defined infrastructure and application delivery. We are driven to enable businesses to innovate and execute their own digital transformation when, where and how they need, as they support the requirements of their own customers.”

The following  are the enhancements that will help deliver, support cloud and application delivery solutions and  enable customers to create, deploy and manage applications and workloads anywhere  on premises, hybrid and multi-cloud –via open source container-first technologies.

SUSE Cloud Application Platform 1.4
SUSE Cloud Application Platform 1.4 will be available this month, and it is the first software distribution to introduce a Cloud Foundry Application Runtime in entirely Kubernetes-native architecture via Project Eirini. The new release also increases options for deploying the platform in multi-cloud environments. This latest release of SUSE Cloud Application Platform will:

Introduce a 100% Kubernetes-native Cloud Foundry architecture with Project Eirini. Eirini allows users to take greater advantage of the widely adopted Kubernetes container scheduler and deepens integration of Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. It also allows customers to use either Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry Diego as their container scheduler. Whichever is used, the developer experience is the same.

Increase multi-cloud flexibility with new support for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google’s managed Kubernetes service. This expanded support for multi-cloud environments extends customers’ options to use the platform in public clouds (Amazon EKS, Azure AKS or GKE), on-premises with SUSE CaaS Platform, or as a multi-cloud combination.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider
To provide exceptional support and service to enterprises using SUSE Cloud Application Platform and SUSE CaaS Platform application delivery solutions, SUSE is now a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. The KCSP program is a pre-qualified tier of vetted service providers that have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud
SUSE’s latest enterprise-ready OpenStack Cloud platform will also be available in April as SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9. It is the first release to integrate the best of SUSE OpenStack Cloud and HPE OpenStack technology into one, single-branded release. Based on OpenStack Rocky, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 9 helps customers to:

Enhance business agility through simplified post-deployment cloud operations using the new Cloud Lifecycle Manager day-two user interface.

Seamlessly transition to SUSE OpenStack Cloud from HPE Helion OpenStack, giving them a mature, stable and robust production-ready private cloud.

Simplify the transition of traditional workloads through enhanced support for OpenStack Ironic, giving the ability to customize bare metal servers for specific workload performance and use case needs.

At SUSECON in Nashville this week, SUSE is demonstrating its investment in collaboration and choice for partners, customers and community members as the company has redefined “open” to be more than just open source code. Highlighting the SUSECON theme “My kind of open,” SUSE is showcasing that openness in the latest software-defined infrastructure and application delivery solutions that are flexible enough to be deployed anywhere and are fueling digital transformation and business growth.

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