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SUSE Expands Support to Open Source Software Education Through SUSE Academic Program

SUSE® expands support for the next generation of open source software developers through the global growth of the SUSE Academic Program. The program supports developers in industries of all types to meet the changing demands of the digital economy by providing open source knowledge, training materials and a low-cost education buying program for the education community.

The SUSE Academic Program, founded in May 2017, include more than 400 universities, schools, libraries and other academic institutions. The program has also increased its support resources in North America and aims to double the number of participants in the next six months.

“SUSE has long been a champion of open source education, and our existing links to academia have allowed us to work with a high number of schools in a short period of time,” said Sander Huyts, SUSE vice president and Academic Program lead. “We are committed to growing open source skills and education at the academic level, because we view them as critical to the long-term health of our industry and as fundamental building blocks of modern technology. We will continue to ramp resources and support to ensure open source continues to thrive.”

The SUSE program is positively impacting the lives of educators and students around the world, including at the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Czech Technical University, San Diego State University, New York City College of Technology and the University of British Columbia.


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