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Sudden Shift to Remote Working in Covid-19, Cos Ask Questions What to Do Now,What to Do Next

Many questions are arising among companies, how to manage their contact centres and run business seamlessly with sudden emergences of Covid19. The epidemic has evolved as a global crisis and growing at a rapid speed and scale.

In this crucial time companies are asking vital questions relating to serve their customers without any friction and taking care of their employees with compassion.

Brands are revaluating options on how to leverage their contact centres (cc) and employees at cc deliver quality customer experience. There are questions as to how the digital channels can be used best to support the contact centre volume.

In this crucial time it is expected that leaders must make swift, inside – informed decisions to support contact centre employees and earning customer trust. Recent Accenture studies show that 58% of customers prefer to solve urgent issues by calling for support, rather than using other means. While 57% customers ranked customer support as their initial channel for flexible communication. In times of crisis most organization are ill prepared to react to sudden increase in call volumes.

The research underlines few steps as leader can adopt while working from home or remote locations and also protect the workforce in high risk environment. The actions will require swift action.


How long this type of situation will continue leaders have no answer. But it is important to prepare for short term and also work for solutions, develop capabilities that could seamlessly enable long term operational changes. This also would change few things in operations and adapt to new ways of working enabling business functions to operate under dire circumstances.

Companies are urgently asking how to handle the impact on their contact centres and keep their customer service work force safe.

1) How can I reduce customer wait times and manage customer frustration?

2) How to deflect or redistribute contact volumes to control average wait times?

3) What can I quickly automate?

4) How should I enhance my digital channels?

5) How do I manage my workforce if physical work locations are no longer viable?

6) How can I offer the same level of customer support and work force productivity when agents work from home?

7) Can I extend access to the necessary tools and secure networks for remote workers?

8) How can I maintain the trust of both my workforce and my customers?

These are tough questions and the risks of execution failure are higher than normal. Accenture recommended the following how contact centre executives address three critical areas:






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