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Running Businesses At Scale Using Cloud is a Big Challenge for CIOs: Surajit Sen, Dell Technologies

Recently The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) came up with a White Paper The Cloud Complexity Imperative. The paper, among many other things discusses why organizations must unify and simplify the management of their sprawling multi-cloud environments.

The ESG paper, in its opening, states that one of the biggest transformations in IT service delivery over the past decade has been the emergence of public cloud infrastructure consumption. The research group has been tracking organisational adoption of cloud infrastructure over this period of time in its annual IT spending intentions survey, observing that the number of organisations leveraging public cloud infrastructure services like AWS or Microsoft Azure has more than tripled (17% versus 58%) since 2011.

ESG asked IT decision makers to share their 2019 spending plans for a number of specific technology segments. Public cloud was forecasted to continue to draw bigger allocations of IT budgets as organizations provision new cloud services and expand the scope of existing deployments. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of organizations expected to increase spending on cloud compared with the prior year, and cloud was the most likely technology area to receive a spending increase versus other categories.

While these numbers were of last year, the new situation that we are into – the COVID-19 crisis – has given a very huge boost to the Cloud infrastructure and it has been indicated as the de-facto IT platform/infra for all times to come.  With this massive trend of cloud adoption comes the complexities of cloud management. Enterprises do struggle with the management issues and in the absence of a standard approach, there is a reason why most cloud adoptions don’t perform upto the mark.

DynamicCIO interviewed Surajit Sen, Chief of Staff, Modern Datacenter Business, APJ, Dell Technologies on a multitude of issues/challenges with regards to hybrid and multi-cloud and its management.

This interview is produced in two parts. The is the part 1 of the 2. Listen in…

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