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‘Remote Working Tech to Protect its Employees From The Coronavirus Outbreak’

The recent COVID-19 or Coronavirus, a global pandemic which is spreading its tentacles round the globe, disrupting day to day business process. This is putting companies and organizations to focus on wellbeing of their employees and asking them to work from home, instead of stopping all operations. This is giving signal to growing demands for technologies that can support remoting working for employees.

But challenges are many as Gartner predicts that 54% of HR leaders have cited that poor technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effective remote working. While many companies have asked their employees to work from home or tested out large scale work from home measures, Google was among the first to ask that employees throughout the continent do so. Same goes with Twitter which has made working from home mandatory for all workers globally. The list also include list of universities, school and colleges asked students to go  for online classes.

To enable smooth remote based working, robust infrastructure is required where collaborative technology maintaining seamless business continuity and optimum employee productivity is the need of the day. CloudConnect, India’s first end-to-end cloud,mobile app-based PBX and digital unified communication service is focused on digitalizing small and medium enterprises (SMEs), very small businesses (VSBs) and small office home office (SOHO) setups that form the very backbone of the economy. The brand’s overarching goal is to revolutionize SMBs in the country by completely digitalizing their processes.


  • To help organizations maximize ROI as a part of business process, and as a part of its cloud and mobile-app based PBX for seamless communication, the company offers a bouquet of cloud solutions including audio/video conferencing, hosted IVR, call location tracking, unified communication, Click2Call services, contact center solutions, and business process integration.
  • The company further  helps businesses effectively deploy and manage cloud infrastructure and desktop access across their user base, thereby boosting lead generation, customer acquisition, engagement, and satisfaction.
  • The company’s PBX on mobile service allows companies to enhance customer experience with a single number and automated response for multiple touchpoints. It also facilitates conference calls on the fly, audio conferencing bridge calls and scheduled audio conferencing across multiple devices and locations.
  • The Interactive Voice Response (IVR), allows businesses to add custom greetings and custom menus, in addition to a host of other features including missed call service. With secure PBX extensions, the company ensures that customer data that is tracked and recorded remains safe at all times.
  • Through Click2Call, it gives businesses the ability to turn internet-based visitors into potential customers. Essentially, it adds a ‘Click to Call’ service to the company’s CRM, app or website. Easily integrated with the organization’s existing CRM, the Click2Call service boosts online conversions, amplifies in-bound inquiries and allows customers to instantly connect with the organization.
  • The brand’s audio, video and web conferencing feature enables companies to carry out HD conferencing and webinars, AI-powered auto-transcription, audio and video recording, live video streaming, and more. Its contact center solutions cover voice, email, chat, SMS and social media integration to boost customer engagement.

Organizations thereby can enhance customer and employee safety by using technologies that will assist remote working. In this way employees will be safely working from home and get less exposed to the virus looming large.

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