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Rajant, OSIsoft Partner to Bring Enhanced Industrial IoT Offering to Industries

Rajant the exclusive provider of Kinetic Mesh wireless networks have partnered with OSIsoft to embrace the digital transformation, boost productivity and optimize their mobile assets. This partnership will see the two companies collaborate to deliver insight on demand and on the edge bringing new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities to the industries they serve.

Rajant and OSIsoft, a trusted manufacturer of application software for real-time data management, will target mining, transportation, energy, and oil & gas to offer a holistic partner ecosystem. This will help organizations to reap the benefits of a digital transformation and build continuous improvement processes using data.

Mr.Gary Anderson, SVP of Rajant said “Our partnership with OSIsoft will completely eradicate any worries of set-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting truly offering the most mission-critical, reliable wireless offering on the market today.”

“Mobile equipment is a key enabler to deliver more resilient and efficient supply chain systems, by not only moving these assets from planned to condition maintenance thus increasing availability, but to use that data to feed performance and system optimization,” said Matt Miller, OSIsoft’s Transportation Industry Principal. “We believe Rajant’s industry-leading Kinetic Mesh® will allow many of these customers to get reliable data from their assets which would otherwise limit the value of that data, due to lack of meaningful network coverage and connectivity to their critical mobile assets. As the industry moves to autonomous operations, it will put even more emphasis on robust network connectivity.”


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