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Organizations Need Data Availability in Hyper Converged World: Shaun McLagan, Veeam

As organisations try to take advantage of the latest technology shifts and changes – be it technology infrastructure, cloud environment or SaaS-based applications, their primary aim is to enable digital transformation which can help them achieve better customer-centricity and the next level of growth. While all this is important, what’s the most critical is to keep the data assets safe, secure and usable. Data growth is exponential and is moving at a pace that was unthinkable before. Such an objective would include things like modernisation of the data centers and applications as well as their view about data protection and availability. With respect to the tightening security and privacy concerns, organisations are forced to look at the movement of data. They would need to ensure integration with an orchestration view of managing the data, irrespective of where it resides: physical, virtual, cloud or SaaS platforms.

While legacy providers are trying to take a step from the physical to the virtual to the cloud and struggle in the process, it is a great opening and opportunity for companies like Veeam, a leader in data hyper availability as well as intelligent data management across multi-cloud environments.

“Veeam’s heritage is from the virtualised world so we understand the abstraction of software and infrastructure much better and particularly with respect to the cloud world, which in essence, is similar to that of a virtualised infrastructure,” says Shaun McLagan, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific and Japan, Veeam. The company was a Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery.

In the dynamic technology landscape, organisations need a swift change in their approach. For example, a common dilemma that confronts them today is whether they should be protecting the data in the same way as they did when it was on-premise while moving a Microsoft 365 installation to the cloud. They will also need to consider how to ensure protection of that data and the ability to get it back to its state in quick time. Moreover, for the early adopters, cloud is no more a destination as the workload and data continues to move from hyper-scaler to public to private to managed clouds and back in a hybrid environment. They will need partnerships in intelligent data management and hyper availability.

“Veeam is an ideal choice when organisations look for partners who have the best industry partnerships. Veeam partners with infrastructure giants like HPE, NetApp, and Nutanix. Our integration with Microsoft and VMWare is terrific. So the users are able to choose the infrastructure providers that they trust and build data management capability with Veeam on top of it,” adds McLagan.

Technology today is the top agenda for business leaders and is an inalienable part of the new business strategy. As organisations progress on their digital journey, they will have to rethink what data availability and management means in today’s world which has a high degree of data mobility.

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