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Optimum Actions From Leaders to Remain Strong in Times of Covid-19 Disruption

Calamities and Problems don’t tell and come, neither are they synchronised in nature. Covid-19 is a test case both for good and bad leadership. What should a leader focus on, in times of global pandemic crisis? How should he motivate his team to go on and also maintain business continuity? What should be his primary responsibilities?

Such type of situation force leaders and business head to identify core areas, where can they set out clear priorities. Taking cohesive actions which can be implemented easily and with effectiveness is required along with empowering mangers to take best decisions. There are many challenges an organization face or facing at this moment while work from home (WFH) being implemented.

There will be a lot of decision making process involved in such times which calls for a clear, honest, empathetic and simple approach to communication as the situation evolves more. Senior management is looked upon as trusted source for clear communication and having a communication plan is equally important. As business gets to standstill, the situation is volatile where business continuity becomes the biggest priority. Many organizations facing challenges in providing systems to employees to make remote working successful.

Meheriar G. Patel,Group CIO, Jeena & Company says “that this kind of situation was never seen or imagined, but at the same time it makes us think and evaluate that even a virus can cause global scenario which could give us a good lesson to learn”.

He further underlined few tips for leaders and leadership to follow.

  1. Leaders will have to see that how they standout and sacrifice certain situations and also forgo great deal of self privileges to say that it matters and resolutions starts from me.
  2. There will be business transformation and opportunities that will come up for grabs and the challenge is to accept and work on the new unseen trends.
  3. Motivate build innovative ways to look at business. As technology will be the only piece which will help in this particular situation.
  4. Collaborate and work in an industry, earlier times we have shunned industry collaboration, now to survive we will have to seek each other’s help.
  5. Never before we have work and home and off course our families knowing what is done at home and what is done at work. There are these synergies which also tell that how can we as families standout and outperform in times of crises.

“Man always learns some lessons of its own bringing, and also makes us think and become wiser” says Meheriar G. Patel at the end.

These pandemic has given companies choices. Accenture says “that beyond caring, leaders must show they have a plan. You don’t have to know everything, but you do need to be transparent about what is driving decisions. A leadership team that looks ahead proactively, and responds rather than reacts, goes a long way toward helping people in volatile times”.

The Accenture research highlights that this is the time to accelerate human + machine collaboration and support people as they transition to digital ways of working.

The ability for leaders to address people’s physical, mental and relationship needs is the foundation of trust. While all of these needs have equal importance, there is an order in which they make the biggest difference.


The more people trust their leaders, the more they will offer solutions, resources and effectiveness. The more people feel secured that their leadership have genuinely their best interest in mind, they will offer ideas and help.

As Christopher Cordaro, Chief Investment Officer of Regent Atlantic, says “companies that demonstrate through their policies and procedures that they care about their employees, have more productive, more resourceful and more innovative teams – participation that is crucial in a crisis. Their policies and practices protect employees in the workplace, a vital factor in any crisis, especially an infectious disease like COVID-19”.

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