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Maruti Suzuki Readying a Massive Digital Platform to Enhance Omni-Channel Experience

Maruti Suzuki, India’s top auto producer with 2 million passenger cars per annum, is betting big on enhancing its customer and omni-channel experience to ready for the next phase of growth. With the customer in focus, the company is investing in a massive omni-channel digital platform to manage its customers, covering the entire end-to-end spectrum – right from all the dealers and their sales teams to the customers and after sales.

While Maruti Suzuki continues to be the number one car company since its inception in 1973 and has successfully maintained market share ever since, the company realises that the future success is marked by a more demanding and discerning customer who expects to be understood one-on-one.

According to Rajesh Uppal, Executive Director – IT, CIO and CHRO, Maruti Suzuki, “In today’s dynamic and highly competitive market, we need to ensure that we are interacting with and selling to an individual. Therefore, our conversation has to be with an individual rather than as one of our customer types, which requires understanding each customer individually, his/her specific needs and then be prescriptive when interacting with him/her.”

The new digital platform, which is being built on Salesforce, will enable that by helping the company understand its customers end-to-end.

The omni-channel platform will be integrating all the company’s back-end systems – whether its selling of cars, service, insurance, true value, the loyalty cards and all the systems around these (For ex: Complaint Management System, Dealer Management System, etc.) – into one platform and give a single view of the customer to the person who is interacting with him/her.

“We want to make sure that all our customer engagements on any of the channels he/she wants to interact with us, at any place he/she wants to interact with us, we should be able to give a very consistent experience to him/her. Whether the customer is talking to us on our call centre, walking into our showroom, or maybe our sales executive is visiting his/her home, the experience for the customer should be consistent,” explains Uppal.

What makes the platform truly omni-channel is the fact that all of Maruti’s customer connect channels and touch points, such as social media, call centre, feedback forms filled by customers, etc. will be integrated into it. This will enable a 360 degrees’ view of the customer and all his/her transactions with the company. Uppal believes that the social listening and integration with social media will take the company’s engagement with its customers to the next level.

To make sense of the customer data and derive meaningful insights, the platform will be supported by a strong analytics engine at the backend.

The company is currently in the process of implementing the digital platform and is working with its partners to set up the whole process end-to-end, including dealerships, sales executive at the dealerships, corporate teams, call centres, insurance team, services team, etc.

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