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Manipal Hospitals CIO on His Digital Success Mantra and Best Practices for Optimizing Digital Initiatives

With a network of hospitals catering to thousands of patients daily, Manipal Hospitals relies heavily on technology to deliver on its core values of clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. It was among the first hospitals in India to use cognitive computing and AI/ML (IBM Watson) to revolutionize treatment of cancer patients and continues to pioneer adoption of digital technologies to drive innovations.

We get Nandkishor Dhomne, VP – IT and CIO, Manipal Health Enterprises, Manipal Group, the man behind the hospital’s digital mission, to share some of the secrets behind his digital success mantra and how the same can be replicated by other organizations for optimizing their digital transformation initiatives.

Best Practice #1: Define who are the stakeholders, i.e. patients, doctors, nurses, etc. This is most critical, as all the digitization efforts need to be directed towards these stakeholders. If the implementation or technology is not helping any of these stakeholders then it will not be acceptable to them.

Best Practice #2: Outline whatever activities the different stakeholders are doing in current manual or semi-automatic form. Then, compare whether the new proposed technology solution is able to provide something better, simpler and easier than that. If the new proposed solution is not better than what they are doing currently in terms of the turnaround time, efforts or hours spent then it will be a risky proposition with low chances of success.

Best Practice #3: Get all the stakeholders on board when planning, budgeting and implementing any of the digital initiatives. Understand their challenges in finer details and ensure to make them a part of the decision-making and then only go ahead with the technology evaluation.It will be a major risk to go ahead without involving the stakeholders in the decision-making.

Best Practice #4: If possible first go for a proof of concept in which the users can actually try out for a few months so that they have a good understanding of what is it that they are going to get. And, then sign off for a long-term engagement and not a short-term one so that there is commitment from both the sides.

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