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Leading Digitally: Making Cloud Primary Engine for Sustainable Growth & Experience

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. Indeed, this was truer than true in the current times. Following the global trend of embracing virtual, AWS re:Invent 2020 kickstarted last week. An unbelievably high number – about half a million people – globally registered to take part in this three-week event, which usually spans across just a week in Las Vegas annually. As a matter of fact, a large number of developers, technology consumers, service providers, ISVs, and other tech leaders and communities eagerly wait for the annual AWS re:Invent as the company uses this occasion to make new product announcements and also enhancements to their existing products/solutions.

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services kickstarted the re:Invent 2020 with his much awaited keynote that touched upon the issue of invention and reinvention in a very different form this year.

“Constant reinvention is the key to building a long-term, sustainable business, and organizations should be reinventing while they’re healthy and developing products and services that solve customer problems, not for their coolness factor. You want to be reinventing all the time. Some of it is building the right reinvention culture, and some of it is knowing what technology is available to you and jumping on it to make that reinvention happen,” said Jassy.

A big takeaway from his keynote address was that digital transformation is more about leadership, than just technology. Interestingly, while it took AWS a little over 10 years to grow to a $10 billion business, it took only 23 months to achieve $20 billion, 13 months to achieve $30 billion and only 12 months to get to $40 billion.

As part of re:Invent 2019, I had a chance to catch up with Scott Mullins, Managing Director of Worldwide Financial Services Business & Market Development for Amazon Web Services (AWS) last year in Las Vegas where we discussed host of issues ranging from disruptions, to new-age banking, to personalisation of services to use of AI/ML for immersive experience in financial services.

This year again, I had a chance to catch up with Scott, though virtually. It was an exciting 20-minute conversation and the key was Covid-19 and the response of financial sector companies. Also, Scott spoke about how AWS, with its wide-ranging cloud-based solutions, helped the industry continuously. Here is the interview.


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