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Leading Apparel Retail Brand Introduces Contactless Fit Recommendation to Ensure Customer Safety Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing social distancing norms are pushing businesses to strategize new and innovative ways to adapt. Particularly in industries such as retail, which thrive on physical connect, novel ways are being explored to overcome this barrier.

I would like to highlight one such innovation coming from one of India’s leading apparel fashion retail brand (name withheld on company’s request). Post the lockdown when government allowed retail outlets to open up, the company was faced with the challenge of minimizing human contact.

It recognized two areas where this could be minimized – trial rooms and employee attendance. What followed was digital led innovations in these two key areas to help the company align with the new normal. Most importantly, these two digital interventions are helping the company ensure customer as well as employee safety.

App for Contactless Best Fit Size Recommendation

To avoid usage of trial rooms, the company has come up with an app for contactless best fit size recommendation. The app , which is currently running under Proof of Concept (PoC) in some stores, captures all the size charts of various categories e.g. Salwar Kurta Dupatta, Mix & Match, Kids wear, etc. The customer has to get the photograph clicked (front and side – full length posture) and will get the recommendation of best fit size. This is only if the customer agrees to use the app after understanding how the app works. The app is device agnostic can work on mobile as well as tab, and laptops.

Key highlights of the app include:

  • Instant size recommendation
  • Regular fit, tight fit, BMI based body measurements
  • Instant 3D of the person based on the body shape
  • Body measurements have 100+ instant measurement points
  • One time size parameters to be fed
  • Instant size recommendations based on height, age, weight and body shape

Contactless Face Recognition Attendance System

The company has installed AI based contactless time and attendance biometric access control system with temperature sensor for recording employee attendance at its office premises.

With built in face recognition technology, the system allows detection at a distance of upto 1meter. The detection is supported with mask as well. It allows user capacity of 20,000 face templates and RFID cards supported

The system restricts entry of individuals with high temperature with beep and ‘No access’. The temperature detection ranges from 35°C to 42°C with accuracy of ±0.3 °C. This provides an efficient preliminary screening solution to control epidemic fever.

NOTE: The company won the dynamicCIO Innovative Heroes 2020 Award for this innovation.

(Image courtesy: www.apparelresources.com)

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