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Lack of Talent & Training a Major Challenge to IoT Adoption: Microsoft

Adoption of IoT has its success stories to fill up but that is not without challenges. Both for companies striving to get IoT projects off the ground and for companies looking to use IoT more, the roadblocks are often the same: complexity and technical challenges, security concerns, and lack of talent and training.

Lack of talent and training present challenges for almost half of IoT adopters. In this relatively new field, it’s hard to find workers with the right skills and experience. 47% of companies that have adopted IoT report not having enough skilled workers, and 44% don’t have enough available resources to train employees.

Companies who want to utilize IoT more find that complexity and technical challenges are their biggest barriers: 38% of companies say these are the reasons they aren’t using IoT more. Lack of budget and staff resources (29%), lack of knowledge (29%), and difficulty finding the right solution (28%) are the next most common roadblocks. Security is also a challenge (19%).


The report further says that 54% of high success companies say they have enough available skilled employees, and 55% have resources to train workers, while companies with low IoT success report a lack of talent and resources.

Low-success IoT adopters cite lack of leadership buy-in, high costs, and inadequate resources as the main reasons for failure of their projects at proof of concept.

As per report that has been gathered  across several countries and industries, 32% of IoT adopters say their organizations do not have enough access to the talent or resources they need.

Major obstructions when it came to implementing IoT, 40% cite lack of knowledge, 39% face complexity/technical challenges, and 38% say they lack budget or staff resources. 18% of companies who have sufficient workers and resources say that inadequate knowledge is a problem, while 19% say lack of budget or staff is a top challenge.

Moreover companies without enough workers or resources tend to encounter more challenges which is two on average whereas those with enough resources have 1.5 on average.

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