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It is Imperative to Digitally Transform our Workspace & Re-Skill in The Era of Covid-19

During Covid-19 lock down, there has been shut down and most normal activities stopped. There has been travel bans, school closures, factories shut down and offices lockdown as recommendations not to gather in large groups and keep our distance from fellow humans to limit the spread of the virus. This has given rise to many people turned to digital tools to keep some resemblance of normality.

This has risen the scope to digitally transform our places of work and education to be able to operate effectively and feel a sense of normalcy. There are companies who have been able to use technology well to keep going and rethink their business model for the future by fast-tracking digital transformation that will take them ahead of their competition.

Most of the organization relied on boardroom communications which are generally taken Top-Down approach and major of the change decisions takes place. This is also beneficial for employees as they tend to feel secure with communication process being kept alive.

Digitally Transformed Workspace

Most of the time, Organization takes critical steps and process implementation due to various business factor on Demand/Supply. This includes events going virtual, while some companies are trying to bridge the gap between in-person events and virtual ones with platforms that combines video, networking, and more to try to capture the benefits of networking. The virus outbreak has pushed event’s organiser to rethink out of the box compelling alternative options for public safety.

“During to current Covid-19 crisis, most of the organizations have now adopted the WFH culture. Uptill now the most talked about technologies were Mobility, Analytics (AL/ML) and Cloud. And now to ensure that Business sustenance is in place, I would personally feel that the Technology revolves around below key areas which include remote collaborations, internet and security” says Tejas Shah, Head IT Infrastructure, Axis Finance.

IT needs to focus on transparent solution for both internal and external customers for product availability. While business is going on at its pace, companies have realised the fast track benefits of digital transformation.

Work from home is now the norm in every corner of the world .This has ensured productivity and employee safety also. Remote working and training are going hand in hand with cloud meeting and team collaborations. Organization are recognizing that the virus impact is testing the ability of business to respond to crisis and work from home(WHF) is a step towards that direction.

Cyber Security Aspect

“Security leaders need to continue their focus on the entire threat lifecycle which constitutes planning and detection, in-the-moment response and remediation –recovery. This will help to prepare for additional unforeseen scenarios” says Tejas.

Clients today are looking for CyberTech which can help protect their data, provide end-to-end security across multiple environments, new authentication methods, monitoring services and most importantly re-imagine their risk assessment.

“Due to Covid-19 pandemic, it has been reality check for most of the organization, Now organization is planning the daily operations online and most of the work is going digital” says Shah. VPN is the most demanding technology to ensure that business continues support for WFH.VDI is the already available traditional solutions that can be easily implemented.

Collaboration Tools like Teams, Zoom are now essentials for internal and external meeting for video. Applications are now hosted on Mobile for remote access with required Company 2 factor authorization. Easiest way to keep the official communication on is to provide access of Mail on Mobile.

Ipsec VPN tool that Organization is trying, to provide remote access of systems and servers. And easiest way to send communication to employees is to create Business account on Mobile Apps like Watsapp/ Kaizala.

Security is the most major aspect to ensure protection. Organization will have to implement critical tools like Encryption , Data leak prevention , BYOD , MDM ,DAM, 2 factor authentication / Multi factor auth , WAF , ATP , AntiSPam and End point security.

Cloud is The Future:

Cloud is the future weather is it Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud will the most asked requirement. Those businesses that rely on cloud capabilities for their IT systems and back-office will benefit. Companies now do not have to worry about personnel going into their data centres to check, maintain, and monitor their server and storage installations.

Businesses using the cloud effectively will benefit the most by quickly leveraging the ability to create resilient systems anywhere around the world protecting data and business application, as well as support an increasingly remote workforce.

Digital Training:

Many technology companies are rolling out offers for training and tools that can offer benefits to both companies and employees in lower fees.

For example Google is allowing free access to advanced features that normally have a fee every month for Hangouts Meet to all G Suite and G Suite Education customers for several months.

Microsoft offered a free six-month trial of its top tier of Microsoft Teams to enable schools, hospitals, and businesses in China to keep operating even with the restrictions of coronavirus.

CISCO is tool to properly support companies during the coronavirus in the 44 countries its available in, including offering 24/7 assistance for businesses using the tool.

Prasanna Lohar, Head Innovation, DCB Bank says “Those who will REENGINEER their business model for future by fast tracking digital transformation will be the ones ahead  of their competition. RESKILLING will be a fundamental step for digital transformation in this present environment to rebuild future”.

He further says “Lets RESKILL ourselves to make Digital Transformation journey a Digital Reformation”.

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