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In 2 years Will be Seeing 5-10 Killer Apps Creating New Wave of Revenues & Innovations on AWS Outposts: Manish Mangal, Tech Mahindra

Having dealt with the early concerns around keeping the lights on and ensuring business continuity that came with the COVID-19 crisis, the focus for businesses is now pivoting towards recovery and growth.

At the most simplistic level, the two most basic equations involved in enabling this recovery and growth are cost and revenues. What will be most interesting to watch here is the new innovations this will trigger. A common denominator enabling these innovations will be re-imagining solutions, many of which require digital as a key enabler.

Talking of re-imagining, it will have businesses looking at creating new and different experiences for their customers in the changed circumstances and re-assessing ways to enhance productivity among others.

According to Manish Mangal, CTO, Network Services, Tech Mahindra, “We expect to see applications around AR/VR, OT type of applications that are productivity centric. There will be a lot more automation happening within the environment. With a lot of these applications being latency sensitive, the big challenge here will be how to enable decision making in real-time, closer to the edge itself in order to make it more efficient.”

To enable any serious experience that drives new kind of revenues for the enterprises connectivity is a constraint. Even with 5G and other enhancements in connectivity, it is still not enough to create the seamlessness required. This is where having the compute power closer to the edge within the campus while enjoying the benefits of the cloud can make the difference. It reduces to some level the necessity to do everything and process back into the cloud.

Mangal believes that an offering like AWS Outposts fills that gap. AWS Outposts, which allows businesses to run AWS compute, storage, database and other services on premises, was launched in India in June 2020. He further adds that any application that requires high definition, high bandwidth and low latency is the right candidate for Outposts as it allows to do analytics, processing and decision making – all locally, massively improving response times. Tech Mahindra is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and Advanced Consulting Partner for AWS offering Outposts.

“Now we want to distribute some of the things that we were doing on the cloud closer and closer to the edge so that both the CIOs and the application development community have the flexibility to decide what applications can run where in the most productive and efficient manner. It creates a sort of a fluid cloud, which is the distributed cloud environment. It is like an enabler that will unlock a lot of things from an innovation point of view,” he explains.

Now, once organizations have that capability, it will get them to start looking at how they can leverage it to be able to design relevant applications for the different verticals. In a way, this will enable a multitude of bandwidth heavy applications such as AR/VR, movement of X Rays and MRIs within the hospital, remote diagnostics, asset management, security and surveillance as well as various OT applications. Then there will be a lot of applications that require the data to be kept within the campus, opening up the opportunity for cloud migration of such applications.

Tech Mahindra is already working on a lot of point solutions and applications across various verticals, which will now get enhanced with the Outposts as it helps unlock their true potential. As the innovation of applications unlock, Mangal believes that the space for Tech Mahindra to do the migration and the managed services also open up.

“This is the step towards unlocking as an enabler something that wasn’t feasible earlier. And once this happens, perhaps in 1-2 years, we will probably be seeing 5-10 of those killer applications that have created new wave of revenues and innovation in the market,” says Mangal.

AWS Outposts is a part of Tech Mahindra’s overall managed services offering, wherein it is not only taking Outposts to the market as a platform but also bundling it with its point solutions as well as services to offer it as fully managed service. It does the transformation, migration and management of the services along with the Outposts platform for its customers.

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