Digital technology is fast becoming a game changer in every industry. Not to be left behind, the dental profession is also changing its ways and leveraging technologies that make processes easier, faster and efficient. Digital dentistry is blazing new trails in the dental healthcare domain and is catering to changing customer requirements and is becoming a boon. One of the first ones to take up the initiative, Leixir Resources Pvt Limited, is building an innovative platform-as-a-service model for clinicians.

MyLabConnect Platform

Niranjan Ramakrishnan, Group Vice President – Digital, Leixir is the man behind the innovation. He is transforming digital dentistry with the help of a digital dental highway and has modelled it as a platform-as-a-service for the USA. The platform called ‘MyLabConnect’ demonstrates functionality that drives value for clinicians, corporate offices and outside labs and can be considered as a standalone service. The multi-platform collaboration tool connects dental offices, dental labs, and DSOs through a real- time business workflow.

The platform has been selected as a strategic partner by a leading service provider to provide integrated services for customers in North America. The company is now planning on expanding it further globally.

“MyLabConnect has become a game changer in the industry, giving reasonable commercial value. It is a preferred platform across the dental network on a pay per use model and can be used as a front-end interface platform with labs and scanning software. Built on an integrated engine and based on patented low coding development framework, it enables interoperability with third party systems. This includes revenue sharing partnership opportunities with multiple large technology providers in the space. The platform helps integration into the software to provide streamlined flow of data and services.

Key benefits for Dental Offices, DSOs & Dental Labs

Dental office:

The platform enabled digital payment, case tracking, feedback, ticketing, chatbot, and reporting system drives customer engagement and transparency. It has been developed as a collaborative platform with rich features for real-time analytics, communication and insights previously unavailable within the dental industry. This includes collaborations between dental clinics and labs. The NLP-enabled chatbot facilitates case creation, tracking and communication, improving operational efficiencies between the clinic and lab.

Dental service organizations (DSOs):

  • Collaboration and communication platform between DSO corporate, member clinics and lab partners. Real-time analytics to monitor clinic-level product and lab spends.
  • Business intelligence on volume, product mix and spend analysis
  • Real-time feedback on scan quality at clinician level to facilitate continuous improvement and training

Dental Labs:

  • Automated case creation through integration of IOS & lab management software. Facility to report the chair side scan quality validation.
  • Algorithm-driven workflow within lab based on clinician feedback and case ratings, automated case submission, communication and tracking for improved TAT
  • QuickBooks integration and rule-based productivity suite enabling midsize & outsourced labs to use MylabConnect as an end-to-end digital platform
  • Training, promotions and event management tool helps drive customer satisfaction

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