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How Infor is Pushing Digital Transformation Through its Orchestration Platform Infor OS


Infor is a global enterprise software company, headquartered in the USA, and operating across the world. Started as a traditional ERP, Infor now focuses on business applications delivered via cloud as a service. Changing with the times, the company today has an increased focus on tools that help organizations realize their potential of digital transformation and help them innovate. This change is being led by its Infor OS – an agile cloud operating platform designed to bring several elements together such as the streamlining of business processes, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data insights, and productivity tools. The combination has the potential to help organizations in key areas such as assets, maintenance, production, distribution, R&D etc.

“Nowadays everyone talks about digital transformation but the real transformation can happen only when machines talk to each other,” says Ranga Pothula, MD India Subcontinent & SVP Global Delivery Services, Infor.

According to Ranga, the core technology piece in this big jigsaw is the orchestration platform, which has Infor’s AI tool Coleman incorporated in it. The underlying technology platform Infor OS (Infor Operating Services) is primarily an intelligent open network, which is a light middleware solution to connect all the solutions, so that the ERP, supply chain, CRM, can be joined and can talk to each other.

“This is a micro-verticalized industry solution. The current challenge facing the industry is that the various solutions don’t talk to each other. The solution we have is lightweight, which is what is really required for the integration orchestration to happen between the various products. That’s how it started,” he adds.

Infor has expanded the technology platform to not only handle the orchestration integrations, but also provide some of their core capabilities such as AI, chatbots and digital assistance, all on one platform.

“In all our enterprise applications, you can have chatbots, natural language processing, etc. so that the customers can interact with the systems instead of typing in.” For example, one can give a voice command, ‘Hey, Coleman! Can you get me all the purchase orders from supply for the last two weeks.’ And it just provides you the accurate data. “The system can also be connected with IoT devices,” he says.

Moreover, the company has expanded multi-dimensionally and added several new offerings such as the supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), etc. to its existing portfolio.

“This will spur innovation. This is the reason Infor has built one of the biggest facilities in India to stimulate innovation,” says Ranga.

He proudly says the innovative technology has been a result of the efforts of company’s Center of Excellence (COE) based in Hyderabad, which has been a strategic center in terms of core developments.

“It is one of the biggest facilities not only in terms of capacity but also people, solutions capability and innovations. We want to move with time and deliver the required solutions that suit the needs of various industries. Charles Phillips, former Infor CEO and Chairman of Board of Directors, has claimed that Infor CoE is the center, which has produced a number of cutting-edge innovations,” claims Ranga.

According to him, a lot of new innovations are happening at the India center, including core technology pieces, such as artificial intelligence.

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