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Ensuring Training and Education During Lockdown Period

As she powers on her laptop, it is like any other day. The ongoing lockdown due to Covid19 has not been an impediment to her work.

“It has largely been business as usual for us,” says the Head of Education and Financial Crime Risk Operations (Vice President) at one of the world’s leading banks. She informs about the new normal in workplace culture now and lists down the various technologies that have come in handy to ensure that training and education carry on as per schedule.

  • Zoom meetings and webinars for training. Around 5000 people globally are being imparted training.
  • Recorded videos and podcasts for enhanced understanding
  • Connectivity tools such as VPN enabled WFH (Work From Home)
  • VDI enabled WFH (using personal systems)
  • Sharepoint and FTP Intranet for sharing files, data and resources and collaboration
  • Jabber and Webex for online meetings, courses and presentations

She also talks about how she has been leveraging the above tools to keep the ball rolling. She has used them for various activities such as:

  1. Annotating and using the tools for different interactions/activities involving participants such as one word to describe, Pictionary, Highlighting slides, and Games
  2. Sharing of Whiteboard/slides
  3. Conducting live polls during training/meetings
  4. Chat has been used frequently for Q&A, posting questions, checking participation
  5. Recording sessions for others to learn/revisit
  6. Break-Out Rooms to allow for group discussions and activities

The department has been able to support up to 500 people in live training.

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