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How Face Recognition-based Attendance Reduced Proxies to Zero at India Infoline

A Shiju Rawther Joins Poonawalla Finance as Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Every organization needs to keep track of its employees’ attendance, especially when they work with offsite clients and offer services at different sites. Attendance management is necessary to reduce the time managers spend on administrative and attendance management activities. India Infoline Limited, an Indian diversified financial services company, headquartered in Mumbai, was facing the challenge of ensuring attendance.

The IIFL Group has around 16 state offices and more than 4,000 branch offices across the country, where door access and attendance marking was happening through Smart Card based access control system. Although the attendance was being done through the access card system, there were cases of proxy attendance being marked at remote branches and state offices.

“This was a direct loss of productivity to the organization. It also poses the threat of possible frauds due to masquerading,” says A Shiju Rawther, EVP, Technology, India Infoline Finance Limited.

The company leveraged modern cognitive technology. The innovative approach primarily leveraged cognitive services which allow geo fencing to help the central team to track the physical presence of employees in office premises. The technology solution used for this project is an in-house software developed using Microsoft Cognitive services and runs real time on Azure cloud. The solution learns daily to adapt to changes in the looks of employees. The solution only authenticates a real face and rejects photo images, if used for authentication.

Speaking about the outcome of this innovation, Rawther says that the results of the innovative drive was encouraging and that the company is highly pleased with the effects. He claims that the practice of proxy attendance in the organization has now reduced to zero.

“Assuming 3% proxy attendance by 22,000 employees earning an average salary of Rs. 1000 per day, losses were estimated to be of Rs. 6.6 lakh per day. Aggregating this further shows there was a saving of Rs. 17.5 crore annually to the organization,” says Rawther.

According to him, the entire exercise is one of the efforts to digitally transform the India Infoline group. Referred to as business enhancement tools, the company is going full throttle as far as leveraging modern technology is concerned for enhancing productivity and ensuring compliance.

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