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How an Inbuilt Institutional Transaction Platform Helped Business Continuity at DSP Mutual Fund

While many organizations today are facing serious challenges as far as business continuity is concerned, there are many others that have been able to ensure that the lights are on. Some enterprises have been able to buck the trend due to their early adoption of technology despite the lockdown due to Covid 19. DSP Mutual Fund is one of them.

“Covid-19 became a game changer and we looked for options that had minimal impact on business continuity. We enabled seamless and secured remote working for all employees and functions by providing internet backup options at employee residences, printers & fax, laptops & IPads much before the countrywide lockdown was announced and it still continues. We keep the employees health on priority along with uninterrupted business continuity,” said Ashish Bajaj, CTO, DSP Mutual Fund.

The DSP Group is a 152-year-old Indian financial firm and a premier asset management company in India, with over 20 years of track record of investment excellence. It was incorporated on 13 May, 1996 and is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The company used automation to great effect. Through the use of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) practice, it delivered 32 critical processes using Automation Anywhere. In turn, this reduced human errors, risk and resulted in substantial time savings. Moreover, in the year 2019, enterprise-wide Webex rollout was implemented which helped the company to keep the communication between sales and distributors/clients intact despite the disruptions. The inbuilt institutional transaction platform has resulted in zero impact on the revenues during the entire lockdown.

“We further migrated all critical & non-critical applications on AWS Cloud thus saving significantly on support cost and efforts. With thoughtful implementation and adaption of Bloomberg PORT we went on to make additional savings annually,” says Ashish Bajaj, CTO, DSP Investment.

The inbuilt institutional transaction platform has been highly successful and is widely appreciated. It has helped the enterprise drive numerous business benefits, including:

  • Zero impact on business revenues during lockdown
  • First company in the AMC space to accept all transactions through the Online mode only
  • Providing hardened BYOD access to employees, reducing security threat
  • Increase in collaboration tool adaptability
  • Enterprise-wide digital awareness

But the maverick tech leader doesn’t stop here. “We look forward to further strengthening remote working capabilities and digitally aligning all internal functions,” he says.

Note: Ashish Bajaj won the dynamicCIO Innovative Heroes 2020 Award for this innovation

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