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HCL Launches TURBO, an AI Powered Testing Platform to Equip Service Providers

HCL launches its AI-powered end-to-end testing automation platform, aimed at communication service providers known as HCL Turbo. This will integrate with existing testing tools and equipment, and will deliver intelligent test planning in which Internet bots utilise AI and analytics to plan test scenarios and provide automatic test orchestration.

“The emergence of virtualised and software-defined networks has significantly complicated network testing and fragmented accountability,” said GH Rao, President of Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies. “HCL is directly addressing this shift by introducing an AI-based test lifecycle automation platform that seamlessly integrates into existing testing environments. HCL TURBO automates all phases of the test lifecycle from planning and execution to reporting, and works seamlessly across networks, devices, and application testing. It can be deployed in the cloud, on premise, or in hybrid environments.” “In a beta customer deployment, a leading service provider reduced operational expenditures by 30 percent by re-using and integrating with their existing test infrastructure” he further stated.

Product testing, which was previously handled by device manufactures, is now the responsibility of service providers. The entry of HCL TURBO is at a correct time keeping in mind the recent introduction of software-defined networks and network functions virtualisation where service providers are responsible for testing whenever there is a software update.


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