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Fujitsu Surveyed Business Leaders Across 9 Countries on the Global State of Digital Transformation

Fujitsu has released its Fujitsu Future Insights Global Digital Transformation Survey Report 2019, which highlighted the results of its survey conducted among 900 CxOs and decision-makers at large and mid-sized companies spread across different industries in 9 countries.

Through this survey Fujitsu aims to understand the state of their digital transformation journeys with regard to AI and other advanced technologies.

This further clarifies how business leaders around the world perceive the concept of “trust”, an increasingly urgent theme in recent years.

The third aspect of this survey also revealed the six success factors in digital transformation initiatives and the importance of organizational abilities such as leadership. The survey additionally takes an in-depth look at trust toward online data and decisions made by AI or a person.

These findings will help Fujitso to accelerate its work with customers in advancing their digital transformation initiatives to achieve greater trust in business and society.


Summary of Survey Findings

1. Status of Digital Transformation

87% of companies surveyed have already begun their digital transformation journey. Players in financial services and transportation companies were found to be the most advanced in their initiatives. About half of companies in these industries delivered positive outcomes.

Analysis of this year’s survey  revealed that successful companies possess these organizational capabilities, which we refer to as “digital muscles.”


2. Trust in Online Data

72% of respondents were worried that organizations may exploit personal data without their permission. In some cases, however, respondents found it acceptable to provide personal data. These include cases in which the company receiving the personal data can be trusted and where the personal data provided can be used to enhance products and services.

3. Decisions Made by AI or by a Person

Respondents remain uncertain whether they better trust decisions made by AI or by a person. The survey revealed that respondents tend to trust decisions made by AI more in situations where the human impact is less significant.

Moreover, 63% of respondents said that they would trust decisions made by AI if the AI shows substantial reasons for reaching the decisions, and 66% indicated that they would trust a company that published a code of ethics governing the use of AI.

4. Empowering People to Drive Successful Digital Transformation

Companies in which management places an emphasis on long-term perspectives, practices empathic leadership by sharing their messages and passion with employees, and empowers their staff tend to achieve greater success in their journeys toward digital transformation.

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