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Five Free Software That Businesses, Schools And Others Can Use During The COVID19 Crisis

The Covid19 has disrupted the businesses of all kinds. And, the scale and speed of the shift has turned this into an unprecedented challenge for all kinds of companies, but especially smaller ones who haven’t yet invested heavily in remote-working technology.

In response, business software and services companies are rolling out a growing number of free products and services, as well as free customer upgrades to more advanced tools, to help organizations cope with the consequences of the pandemic.

Here are five free software that businesses, schools and others can use during the Covid-19 crisis:
  1. Google 
  2. Usage: Videoconferencing service and online productivity tools.

    Offer: G Suite and G Suite for Education make up a collection of productivity apps that help businesses and educators collaborate no matter where they’re located. Google Cloud has announced free access to its advanced Hangouts Meet video conferencing capabilities for all customers of its G-Suite and G-Suite for Education services. This enables calls of up to 250 people and also allows meetings to be recorded and saved on Google Drive.

  3. BlackBerry 
  4. Usage: Connectivity for remote work.

    Offer: BlackBerry is offering a number of services like BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry Desktop, BlackBerry 2FA, BlackBerry SecuSUITE, BBM-E and BlackBerry PROTECT.  And, the solutions have been made available free of charge for 60 days, enabling businesses to continue their operations as they take steps to contain the spread of COVID-19.

  5. Box 
  6. Usage: Cloud content collaboration and storage.

    Offer: Box has made the business edition of its service, which offers things such as unlimited storage and data-loss protection, available for free for 90 days according to a tweet by the company’s CEO, Aaron Levie.

  7. Microsoft 
  8. Usage: Team collaboration and communication platform.

    Offer: Microsoft Teams, the company’s collaboration and communication platform, is scrapping the user limit on its free version, which was previously restricted to 300 people. Microsoft has also announced it is making the basic version of its Office 365 enterprise suite of productivity tools such as Word and Excel free for six months to organizations, which gives users access to the premium version of Microsoft Teams.

  9. Acronis
  10. Usage: file sync and share solution

    Offer:  This is the company’s secure, enterprise-grade file sync and share solution, which has been made free to all service providers through July 31, 2020, existing as well as new. The initiative is likely to support hundreds of millions of remote workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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