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Factors That Inspire,Empower Women to Remain & Succeed in Tech Jobs: Survey

Due to shortages of skilled professional in technology sector it is found that more women are joining the tech industry. Various research data showed that more women are  building their careers in technology and reached leadership positions.

CapitalOne recently surveyed 250 women who have remained in tech careers at least eight years and attained senior roles, and, to contrast experiences, 200 who left the industry after three or more years. The survey bought to light important revelations listing factors and exploring options as to what contributes women to stay and succeed in technology as a career. What factors influence women’s career decisions including the nature of the work, support provided by employers, to their personal perseverance, traditional factors such as compensation and work-life balance.

If we leave the above X-factors behind then we get an understanding about the gender gap existing in the industry and the experience including challenges women have overcome to stay on top of their jobs.

Top Five Factors that inspired women to remain in technology related jobs are:

56% of women who remained in tech cited being good at the work as their top reason

44% said they enjoyed working with other technologists

43% love their work and reason staying in technology

41% reminded for fair and good compensation and flexibility to achieve work-life balance

39% rounded out the top five factors.

 Top Factors revealing women who succeeded in technology achieving senior roles:

94% of women who stayed in tech said they are confident or very confident in their ability to find a solution to difficult tech problems

39% intellectually challenging work made them stay in job

39% fair and good pay and benefits (39%),

31% find flexibility in work-life balance

Although these factors are similar to those that influenced women’s decisions to stay in tech in the first place,

30% women attributed that for long-term success to their own grit and determination

30% women for their ability to participate in meaningful work

Julie Elberfeld, SVP of Card & Small Business Technology and Tech Diversity & Inclusion for Capital One, said the findings are important because retention is an important corporate strategy for ensuring the health and competitiveness of a company’s technology team.

The survey delved deeper and found that grit and purpose a common trait among women tech leaders that aligns and which draws on their perseverance, confidence and ability to problem-solve.

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