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Every Company Will Become an AI Company: Predicts Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM

“More than 20 years ago experts predicted that every company would become an internet company. I’m predicting today that every company will become an AI company, not because they can, but because the must,” Arvind Krishna, the newly appointed CEO of IBM prophesied during his keynote at Think 2020.

Krishna made good on his prophecy too, putting AI along with hybrid cloud at the front and centre of the tech major’s strategy roadmap. Two of the three major announcements made at Think 2020 stood testimony to that.

Click here to listen to the Vlog by my colleague, Bablu Kumar for details on the key announcements made during Think 2020 virtual conference.

“AI, Cloud, 5G are amongst the most powerful core technologies all of you will use to transform how your business operates. To these we can add blockchain and quantum, which will have a critical role to play in the digital platforms of the future,” he explained.

Thrown in the midst of a global pandemic, some might call this a rough start to the tenure as IBM’s CEO, but Krishna sees it as a privilege to lead the company at a time like this. While an unprecedented tragedy, he believes the pandemic is a critical turning point and an opportunity to develop new solutions, new ways of working and new partnerships that will benefit organizations and their customers for years to come.

“I believe history will look back on this as the moment when the digital transformation of business and society suddenly accelerated. And together, we laid the groundwork for the post COVID world,” he said.

As businesses struggle to keep the lights as the COVID-19 crisis rages, there is a call to build greater resiliency into the business and networks through technology solutions that enable speed, flexibility, insight and innovation. That’s where IBM sees AI and hybrid cloud playing a critical role in building these solution stacks.

During his keynote, Krishna asserted that with this crisis the importance of hybrid cloud and AI has accelerated and what has changed is the pace at which they’re being adopted.

Here’s an outline of how Krishna sees the COVID-19 crisis transforming technology adoption trends among businesses:

Businesses are today looking for long lasting answers on what they can do with technology to address the key issues that COVID-19 has brought to light.

  • Transformation journeys that are going to last a few years are now being compacted into months and businesses are questioning and transforming their operating models.
  • Businesses are thinking about how to use technology to reassess and reimagine modes of consumption, supply, interaction and productivity. How can supply chains become even more resilient to resist global shocks? Which workload to move to the public cloud? Which IT tasks to automate so that workforce can focus on higher value ones? How to secure IT infrastructure, including remote working?

Within all this, Krishna is placing his bets on technology platforms, which he sees as the basis for competitive advantage in the 21st century. “Technology platforms determine how quickly you can pivot to new market opportunities, how well you serve your clients, how much you can scale and how fast you can respond to a crisis, like the one we are facing today,” he explained.

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