Employee Performance While Remote Working & Intangibles of Team Bonding

The pandemic has bought situation where we never imagined life to be changing and work from home would became the norm. The white collar employees have embraced the change and so do the organizations by facilitating with necessary technology and infrastructure necessary for remote working. On one side there is flexibility of working from home and on the other side there are downsides to this as people embrace change and deal with other factors including poor internet connectivity, ever growing hackers preying eyes on home networks.

Managing employee performance while remote working can be set of task for employers. There are inevitable reluctance or a suspicion still mongering among old school employers, for whom hours spent toiling at the desktop are measurement of productivity.

Many organizations have changed their HR policy, bringing in more guidelines to be followed while workfromhome. This in a way enabled to effectively manage remote working and workers trust in the organization. Further it settled the ground for focused communication across various layers and allowing founders to get back to doing business.

The pandemic has set in many changes in our lifestyle and also or way of conducting ourselves. In these times it is more important to create a place where people fell more connected, feel they are a part of something and where you feel like a family, where they own their success and rely more on employers to help them to be at their best. This in turn would help employees to reach their goals and thereby gaining the trust.

It is a known fact being home there would be interruptions while working but how employees manage such interruption and outperform to match organizational goals would be motivating. This would also set the tone for the new way of working where there are no set of rules and everybody is responsible at their own.

Team Bonding

Many CEO’s and HR leaders have also identified another issue which is team bonding which mainly got affected while employees have been in remote working or Workfromhome(WFH). With remote working taking the lead there is a lack of team bonding which the teams will be experiencing . Team bonding comes when people are sitting next to each other cracking jokes, talking and laughing. There are intangibles of team bonding and it is essential to value them. Working from home can lead to many people feel isolated; therefore the onus lies on the management where they can build an effective communication policy to remain connected on regular basis.

In a physical office, it is pretty easy to get everyone together, down to the pub or out for some team building event. It is important to collaborate with remote team with virtual team meets as often as they need to. There are loads of brilliant collaboration tools that will help your remote team keep up to date on what is happening. Just because your team are not in one office together doesn’t mean you can’t create a great culture that encourages collaboration and boosts morale.

The remote working policy has thereby given opportunity for organization to save cost of workspace and other essentials cost, at the same time given an opportunity to rethink on various possibility on new business models. At the end it is always a benefit of having a happy and productive workforce to rely on and reach new goals as remote working became the new norm. The coronavirus pandemic has set the tone where team working from home, consider this a good opportunity to improve your work-from-home policies. Therefore it is equally important to have a solid remote work plan to the extent possible and not only while coronavirus is circulating. It can help employers judge efficiency of employees and employees gain trust in long term.

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