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Customer Experience Innovations, AI Are The Mainstay For Salesforce Right Now

Salesforce Platform

For Salesforce, almost synonymous with CRM, innovation adoption is what is driving the Indian CRM market. This tilt towards innovation has been because the Indian businesses have realised the importance of customer retention. Right now businesses are using customer retention strategy as the key differentiator to remain competitive in the market.
“The combination of innovation in the way you sell and market to customers as well as the importance of the innovative tools to retain customers – the two things that are changing the perspective among the businesses in India,” says Kalki Yasas, Senior Director – Services, Salesforce.

Salesforce for Indian customers 

In earlier years there used to be a cycle of adoption in terms of advanced markets and developing markets. Over the last 20 years the explosion in Telco usage especially the internet and mobile devices have leapfrogged the companies as well as consumers in India to use latest technologies in India. Currently, financial services, manufacturing are covering about 60 percent of the growth for the company. “That will probably take us through next couple of years after which Banking, Insurance and Government sectors also will come in,” adds Yasas.

To help the customers in India adopt the latest from Salesforce, the company has developed an adoption roadmap, specifically tailored on Salesforce’s classic CRM interface which slowly eases them into the company’s latest Salesforce Lightning Platform. All the new customers by default are on-boarded on Lightning. “The capabilities of Lightening are being extend to cover up our full product offerings. As we go about acquiring or bringing in new product offerings, the framework itself gets extended by our tech and products team to cover all the products,” explains Yasas. The company does three releases a year, and works with its customers to understand and adopt the new releases.

For better customer experience

In fact, Salesforce has established a group called Customer Success Group. Nearly 40 percent of the company’s Salesforceemployee base is actually in the CSG. According to Yasas, the group was created to ensure that customers are able to succeed using its solutions. “Since we are SaaS subscription company, so unless our customers succeed on our product they are unlikely to renew their subscription. So in order to ensure that they are successful and as a by-product we secure the renewal we invested in creating this team called customer success group,” he adds. This group contains customer success officers, architects and support people who work with the customers to migrate them to new features and capabilities. For Lightning or Einstein, these people come in and help customers understand and deploy features based on their need.

Solutions that are business mainstay

For Salesforce AI-driven solutions like Einstein is going to be the business mainstay going forward. According to Yasas, Salesforce is working extensively around Eistein and how it can fulfil various business needs for its customer organisations. The other focus areas include ‘Customer Experience’ and Industry-ready solutions. Says Yasas, “We are looking at how we can extend access to our apps on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Third focus area for us vertical specific solutions. We already have industry-ready solutions for healthcare, financial services, wealth management solution.”

The company decided to develop these industry ready solutions because of the industry specific customer success stories it had using Salesforce solutions over the years. When the team at Salesforce looked at the best practices they worked upon in each industry, it realised that the industry-specific frameworks were already embedded into its solutions. “So when new customers asked us for accelerated results for their go –to-market initiatives based on our solutions, we realised that we have built ready-to-use solutions that is specifically for a specific industry. The industry solutions group is actually a focus group that works across the company. We have invested quite heavily in that group over the years,” explains Yasas. As for the Indian market, these solutions are already available here. These are on the roadmap and now Salesforce also has additional work going on that as well.

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