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Contact Centres Get the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Push

Even as BPO communication and solutions providers are rolling out cloud-based contact centre solutions, they are also looking at AI-based Machine Learning to improve customer experience. For instance, Avaya, while rolling out its CCaaS in various markets across APAC, is also bringing in Artificial Intelligence to its contact centre solutions.

The aim is to improve not only the performance of a contact centre but also improve enterprise customer experience. The aim is to use artificial intelligence to route the customer query to the right agent and thus improve customer loyalty. Stressing this point Chirico added, “Every enterprise is looking to get more out of their contact centre, and AI is the next major shift in the way contact centres operate.” Avaya has partnered with Afiniti, one of the leading providers of AI-based behavioural pairing solutions to predict customer behaviour pattern and pair it to the right agent. In fact

According to Laurent Philonenko, SVP and GM, Solutions and Technologies, Avaya, “I believe the answer is not to outright replace agents with machines, but rather to leverage this newer technology to make the actual contact centres better, faster, smarter. The reality is that customers who engage with a contact centre—via voice, chat, email, web, etc.—still want to know they can connect with a human if they want to or need to. In fact, in March 2018, an IDC survey reported that up to 45% of customers still want to talk to a human for emotional or complex interactions. In other words, replacing agents with machines is clearly not something customers want.”

This is what AI driven contact centres aim to provide, a connected customer experience through intelligent customer to agent matching. In fact, contact centres will remain a major revenue generator for the companies through 2018. IDC estimates this figure to be around USD 5 trillion. The opportunities will come from healthcare, telecom, travel, hospitality, utility, banking and financial services.

It’s not just Avaya, even Microsoft has partnered with contact centre incubator Everise Holding, which through its C3 Labs is developing an AI-based platform for the BPO industry based on Microsoft’s AI offerings and Intelligent Cloud. The new solution will enable companies to offer omni-channel customer experience.

Said Sudhir Agarwal, CEO of Everise and C3 “Delivering an experience that matches the expectations of customers today is what our clients rely on us to do. This starts with arming the front-line agent, the Experience Champion, with the tools, skills, and intelligence they need to succeed. Our omni-channel customer service solutions will target voice, video and text interactions, and deliver an unprecedented intelligent, customer-centric experience by leveraging the power of AI. By adding advanced AI tools and chatbots to existing capabilities such as speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and image recognition, we bring a more personalized customer experience.”

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