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Cloud Can Be a Good Option for Small and Medium Organizations: Kersi Tavadia, CIO, BSE

Cloud Can Be a Good Option for Small and Medium Organizations: Kersi Tavadia, CIO, BSE

With the Covid-19 pandemic all around, organizations today face serious challenges as far as business continuity is concerned. However, the way forward in a post-Covid world will be one which has technology at the center of everything. Companies which are able to adapt to the new realities will be the ones that will survive.

In this context, I spoke with Kersi Tavadia, Chief Information Officer (CIO)  of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in order to understand how the challenges in adapting to the new realities as well as tips and tricks to maintain business continuity. According to him, the company was fully prepared for a work from home model and has been successful in maintaining business continuity. A lot of rigorous training had previously been undertaken at the company making the migration to the BCP without major problems. Particularly speaking about the new normal of working remotely, employees are quite positive about it and want it to be made a plausible alternative.

“My employees keep telling me that this is much easier than travelling every day. In fact, people are enjoying this model of work from home and asking it to be made permanent. They are getting used to it. Of course, there some others who are missing working from office and waiting for things to get back to normal,” says the technology expert.

He added that working from home was never an issue. Now, even more action is happening on that front. “We are offering full support to accelerate the digitization journey. There are multiple uses of technology which can all aid in trying to do things remotely.

Business Continuity Must Be an Integral Part of an Organization’s Blueprint

Tavadia further elucidates his point saying that people’s thinking has changed and that small and medium businesses need to take such contingencies into account.

“The criticality of BCP has come to light in a big way. With the current crisis in context, a rethink on a credible business plan is the need of the hour. Till now we have been doing drills which were more of a technology thing. Now, this needs to become a truly management initiative,” adds Tavadia.

Talking about how the company adapted to the changed circumstances, spoke about several measures that were taken in order to tide over the crisis. The company made arrangements for alternate office spaces and even rented some hotel rooms close to the office in order to accommodate staff. Some special transport arrangements were made as well for critical staff that needed to come to office or those who are needed in case of any emergency. A lot of security measures have been put in place.

“For us, it is business as usual. People are able to work as if they were in normal circumstances. Our infrastructure was always meant to be lean and mean. We are reaping the benefits of the digital transformation which we started 10 to 12 years back. We are able to operate without any major concerns or issues,” recalls Tavadia.

However, the industry veteran does admit that many Institutions are struggling and don’t really know what to do now. He says that many small and medium organisations start to look at BCP seriously now and explore opportunities of working in a location-gnostic manner.

Talking about the growing adoption of cloud computing, the industry veteran says that it can be a good option for small and medium organisations.

“If they cannot manage their infrastructure then it is better to host it in a cloud environment or any other location where it is safeguarded. Then the concern is mainly how to access it rather than how to maintain it. It all depends on the use cases that we follow,” he says. 

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