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CISCO Unveils New UCS Server for AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning

Cisco recently launched it unified UCS server to optimize systems for artificial intelligence and machine learning using Nvidia’s   latest GPUs. The new Cisco UCS C480 ML server will speed up deep learning, a compute-intensive form of machine learning that uses neural networks and large data sets to train computers for complex tasks.

Cisco is also working with its technology partners to validate many of today’s most popular machine learning tools: to help simplify deployments and accelerate time to insight. The UCS C480 ML M5 Rack Server is 4U with the latest Intel Xeon processors and 8 Nvidia Tesla V100-32G GPUs with NVLink interconnects.

“Over the next few years, apps powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning will become mainstream in the enterprise. While this will solve many complex business issues, it will also create new challenges for IT,” said Roland Acra, SVP and GM for Cisco’s Data Centre Business Group.

Cisco’s AI & ML strategy covers  areas  from data collection and analysis near the edge, to data preparation and training in the data centre, to the real-time inference at the heart of AI, customers are covered. The new server also offers flexible options for CPU, network, local storage, memory and OS.

Mr.Ian Buck, vice president and general manager of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA said ,”The incorporation of NVIDIA’s Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs into Cisco’s new UCS server gives businesses in every industry a powerful new solution for advancing their AI initiatives.

The Cisco UCS C480 ML is powering artificial intelligence at scale in following areas.

  • Built for data scientists and developers
  • Built for IT
  • Built with an ecosystem


UCS C480 ML will be available to buy from Cisco partners in Q4 2018.


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