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Cisco Accelerates Applications in a Hybrid Multicloud World


To help businesses address the increasing demand for flawless digital experiences, Cisco has unveiled a multi-domain approach that bridges application and infrastructure teams with full-stack visibility and operational insight. This allows both real-time and automated troubleshooting to ensure optimal application performance.

With 78% of customers say their expectations of digital experiences are growing, a new Kubernetes-based application platform makes it easier for both DevOps and IT to embrace a multicloud world. The New Application Platform for Kubernetes enables agility, simplifies and automates IT management.

New innovations from Cisco:

Cisco’s AppDynamics, the #1 application performance monitoring solution, introduces the AppDynamics Experience Journey Map which automatically displays the most important user experience journeys within mission critical apps.  These journeys focus on both business metrics and application experience to give business and app teams a single correlated view across business performance, user experience, and application performance.
AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer now exchange and correlate data to give application and infrastructure teams a shared view of infrastructure dependencies that effect application performance, user experience, and business impact. This industry-first, direct coupling of application insight to infrastructure automation empowers infrastructure teams to keep up with the demands of application-centric businesses in real time, while managing costs and complexity.

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer introduces powerful workload and cost optimization capabilities across hybrid application architectures. Intersight Workload Optimizer takes into consideration performance, cost and compliance constraints. It uses historical and real-time knowledge to proactively flag potential issues as well as list opportunities to lower costs driven by over provisioning.This solution can pin-point the root cause for application degradation whether it be at the application level, at the VM/container layer or deep within the storage, compute or network hardware.

Cisco HyperFlex Application Platform delivers an integrated container-as-a-service platform that simplifies provisioning and ongoing operations for Kubernetes across cloud, data center, and edge.  This new platform curates open-source tooling, automates routine tasks, and makes it easier for IT and DevOps teams to use Kubernetes in a way that accelerates application innovation across multi-cloud environments.  It also supports real-time monitoring and optimization of the complete application to infrastructure stack using AppDynamics and Intersight.

“Applications are now at the heart of every business but managing the IT infrastructure to ensure a positive user experience has never been more complex,” said Liz Centoni, Senior VP and GM, Cloud,Compute and IoT at Cisco. “These new technologies provide full visibility and deep insights into all aspects of infrastructure through the lens of application, simplifying real-time correction and automated predictability to identify and fix issues before they even happen. Cisco is the first to bridge all three with insight and proactive optimization up and down the stack.The HyperFlex Application Platform we are making Kubernetes, the new defacto standard for app developers, much easier to deploy and manage for both app and infrastructure teams.”


AppDynamics Experience Journey Map will be available in 2QCY20

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer will be available in 2QCY20

HyperFlex Application Platform for Kubernetes will be available for early access in 2QCY20

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