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Bajaj Electricals Leveraging Social Media for Better Customer Outreach

How Bajaj Electricals Leverages Social Media for Better Customer Outreach

Bajaj Electricals has lately been in the middle of a lot of activities around digital transformation. All these digital initiatives are focused on enhancing the customer experience both in the B2B and B2C spaces. They also aim at boosting consumer engagement across various channels. To that effect, the company has established a Digital Center, which forms the pivot of the company’s digital transformation journey. These efforts are being driven by Rajnish Sinha, CIO & CDO, Bajaj Electricals.

“Our first objective is to be completely consumer centric. Conventional business models thrived on a ‘dealer distributor network’. We had little interaction with the end consumer. With changing times, coupled with the fact that the consumers want to connect directly, we started with the Digital Centre approach which focuses on social media listening,” says Rajnish.

The company engages with any social media interaction concerning the brand. The aim is to connect with customers directly and provide assistance to them for any need or grievance. Bajaj Electricals has a dedicated team which works in two shifts for social media listening. Based on the data collected through this listing, the team carries out a lot of analytics.

“We track what people are talking about, real-time live status updates, and the various campaigns that we run and their efficacy. Accordingly, we tweak our campaigns based on the real-time feedback that we get from the Digital Centre,” says Rajnish.

Business strategy is formulated depending on the conversations. According to Rajnish, the company tries to derive insights from the conversations and that, in turn, helps them engage with the relevant customers at the right time.

“For example, we can run a campaign around what elements consumers would like in a smart kitchen. We pose questions to consumers and get real time feedback. Those insights are very helpful in the designing our products. This consumer centric approach provides a personalised touch to our offerings, he adds.

Bajaj Electricals is taking other digital initiatives as well to take its customer-oriented strategy to the next level. The company has already identified various touch points that customers are most likely to engage with. “We have identified ten such touch points. This has resulted in a 360° visibility. We’re not only gathering and collecting the data from those channels but we also running analytics over them.” Correlation engines are run over the data collected through these touch points. After the insights are derived, they are relayed on a real time basis to all the relevant teams, including design, sales and others. This helps them decide how to position the brand, the products and its services.

“We are continuously trying to challenge ourselves. We focus a lot on consumer satisfaction and keep a close watch on the customer satisfaction index (CSI). We also reach out to customers through surveys. We try to find out what is working and what is not,” he says.

All this churning and use of analytics is providing the company a lot of valuable insights and social media is proving to be a goldmine for the company and helping in a better customer outreach.

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