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AVEVA’s Collaboration with Microsoft Will Focus on Cloud & AI to Drive DT in the Manufacturing & Energy Industries

AVEVA and Microsoft will colloborate to focus on accelerating digital transformation in the industrial sector. Now customers can derive from the integration of AVEVA’s portfolio with Microsoft cloud services and especially Microsoft Azure (infrastructure, data and AI services), helping them achieve implementations quicker, connect teams more readily and drive growth opportunities throughout their integrated portfolio.

AVEVA’s key focus areas will revolve around:

Cloud as well as transforming the workforce (connected worker), and building a common Asset Strategy (Asset Performance).

The company will continue to focus on three key areas, already proven with customers including Total, Veolia and SCG Chemicals – platform integration, a multi-solution engagement approach, and a shared go-to-market strategy.

The platform integration approach can help generate new ways to increase business value for customers.

This collaboration will support its customer vision of creating profitable business outcomes that will enable them to thrive in today’s challenging macro environment.

AVEVA’s portfolio breadth, combined with Microsoft’s technology solutions, enables customers to deploy faster, reduce energy consumption, cut emissions, and share collaborative innovation, boosting efficiency for all.

Unlocking new technology innovations and digital solutions like Azure AI services, such as Azure Cognitive Search, supports efficient energy management, successful workforce transformations, and helps realize process improvements.

AVEVA became one of ten leading companies to collaborate with Microsoft to launch Microsoft Energy Core as part of a commitment towards capacity-building, empowering innovation, and driving prosperity and growth with a common goal to reshape the future of the energy industry and drive a positive impact in global communities.

According to an AVEVA survey, 86% of organizations agree that digital transformation is a key component of their company’s strategic plan today. While almost all industrial companies know that cloud adoption is a key element of their digital transformation, a large portion did not have concrete plans to execute their cloud strategy before the pandemic. AVEVA is working with Microsoft to help customers explore new ways to leverage the value of cloud technologies as well as Azure AI, Azure Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics.

Steen Lomholt-Thomsen, Chief Revenue Officer at AVEVA, said, “With so much of the world’s economy becoming reliant on digitization, meeting the highest standards for these critical deployments is no longer just a nice to have, it is an absolute necessity. The upshot of this pandemic is that it has forced entire sectors within industry to embrace innovative digital platforms available to facilitate a way of working that keeps both people connected and agile, and more importantly, safe”.

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