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Atos Powers Workforce Transformation Through Automation

Atos Powers Workforce Transformation Through Automation

The emergence of digital and mobile technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Automation, etc. is radically changing the way workforce functions. Whether it is a global company, a startup or a local retail chain, this change is visible everywhere. Moreover, employee expectations are also rising manifold. In today’s world, employees now expect more than just desktop communications. They want a seamless experience that fits into how they work instead of changing how they work. They want to stay in touch on their device of choice as they move throughout their day.

Atos International, a leading European multinational information technology service and consulting company, has taken remarkable digital initiatives towards empowering its workforce. Headquartered in France, the company specializes in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services. The company wanted to enhance the internal employee experience as a lot of time was getting wasted in the resolution of queries, leading to high ticket-resolution time. It was a challenge to reduce downtime and eliminate redundant activities and enforce standardization on any device.

The company applied a judicious mix of innovation and technology for service desk automation, including knowledge management and making processes structured. The project named CHESS 2.0 – New Digital Workplace utilized a solution which consisted of automated service desk chat agent, O365, One drive, and Service Now.

According to Avinash Velhal, CIO – APAC, Vice President, Atos Global IT Solutions & Services, the business impact has been delightful. The initiative has enhanced internal customer experience and has led to quick resolution of issues. It has additionally addressed security concerns around document and information protection and efficient onboarding with increased productivity. It has also led to the replacement of costly and rigid workplace environment with customizable workplace and license cost with easy provisioning. Employees can now access data anywhere and at any time, securely.

Digital empowerment such as the above shows that it is necessary to empower the nextgen workforce so that they can become enablers of business. Accessing data on the go is the norm of the day and is the only way to increase efficiency and performance if organizations want to have a highly flexible and agile workforce.

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