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In a recent first, Smartworks, one of India’s leading providers of flexible workspace, has deployed ‘Mitra’ the humanoid robot to handle visitor management system at Smartwork’s newest centre in Hyderabad’s Hi Tech City. Touted as the first of its kind installation in the shared workspace scenario, Mitra is expected to do away with paperwork related to visitors coming into the location and create an environment-friendly set up within Smartworks Hi Tech City centre.

It might be interesting to be greeted by a humanoid rather than a front desk person but how many organisations are ready to deploy and work with automation technologies – from AI to physical robots to robotic process automation?

According to the Forrester report RQ: Assess Your Readiness For Working Side By Side With Robots And AI automation technologies are transforming business processes and operating models. But most organisations still lack the capabilities and competency to implement automation technologies. Talking about the preparedness of organisation to adopt robotics, J. P. Gownder  vice president and principal analyst Forrester says, “We created RQ — the robotics quotient — to help digital and technology leaders make better investments in the prerequisites to success with automation, AI, and robotics.”

He explains that RQ measures the ability of individuals and organizations to learn from, adapt to, collaborate with, trust, and generate business results from automated entities. Automated entities include software like RPA, AI, physical robotics, and related systems.

According to Kalki Yasas, Senior Director – Services, Salesforce, the organisations are getting prepared for adopting AI in the workplace. In fact, within Salesforce, they are working with Augmented Intelligence which means it is has created a smart workplace driven by AI – where employees are empowered by AI to make informed decisions, enabled to improve skillsets. But this is just the beginning.

While AI is the first step to automated organisation, robotic technologies and physical robots at workplace is something the organisations have to get ready for. The Forrester report shows that every stakeholder within an organisation be it leaders, employees and such must all bring something to the table when preparing to deploy AI or robotic automation. “And the competencies of those people, leaders, and organizations must be refracted through the lens of trust, which varies by technology. We call this the PLOT framework,” added Gownder.

The PLOT framework includes People, Leaders, Organisations and Trust, which allows you to assess your RQ and readiness to work with automation technologies. Organisations can use this framework across 39 dimensions to check their RQ which shows them their competencies and areas that need improvement to be able to work with RPA, AI, DPA, physical robotics, and the like.

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