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Alibaba Cloud Launches New Tech Products, China Gateway Program & Partners Soft Bank at APAC Summit

Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group today showcased its commitment to building a more inclusive platform in the region by unveiling a slate of new collaborations and products at the Alibaba Cloud APAC Summit 2019.

The summit unveiled  technologies that will empower APAC customers and ecosystem partners to win in the digital era by unveiling 10 new products and features.

The new products and features will be available for the first time outside China and will be accessible to the clients worldwide. The products include PolarDB A MySQL and PostgreSQL,Alibaba Log Service (SLS), Support of “Bring Your Own Key” (BYOK), SaaS Accelerator, Smart Access Gateway (SAG) Software, Container Registry (ACR) Enterprise Edition and Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK).

Speaking on the occasion, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International President Selina Yuan said: “Alibaba Cloud has been paving the way for a digital era across Asia-Pacific by building a world class cloud infrastructure. It is our mission to build an inclusive cloud service that will drive a highly integrated technology ecosystem. We are confident of helping local businesses of all sizes to grow in the region.”

Alibaba Cloud also launched the “China Gateway Programme” at the summit along with eight regional partners. The programme aims to assist companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), looking to set up and expand their businesses in China. Through the local partners in Singapore and around the region, Alibaba cloud will provide firms of varied sizes with a programme on doing business in China by connecting them with Chinese companies and consumers via the Alibaba ecosystem.

“China Gateway is special programme to help enterprises expand their business in China. We would like to make the process of doing business easier. Alibaba Cloud not only provides infrastructure that underpins the entire Alibaba economy, it also ensures inclusiveness so that our cloud technologies can be accessed by companies of all sizes,” Yuan said.

The summit also witnessed the announcement of Alibaba Cloud’s strategic partnership with WeWork, the platform for creators that provides the space, community and services to help people make a life not just a living, and SoftBank Telecom China.

The partnership allows businesses to reap  benefit from the cloud and data intelligence technologies, cross-border IT infrastructure, as well as enterprise solutions tailored for different sectors offered by Alibaba Cloud.In addition, program participants can enjoy flexible collaborative space (­private, shared or customized), networking events, as well as accessibility and connections to target customers, business partners and the broader ecosystem from WeWork in China.

Professional IT consulting services provided by Softbank Telecom China are also part of the program benefits, along with go-to-market support, access to local tech communities and other business support from all three partners. The program aims to empower global companies to create and expand business opportunities into the rapidly growing Chinese market.

“It is a first of its kind opportunity for any businesses focusing on the China market, as they can benefit from the local expertise, vertical-focused experience and innovation from three of the most-visionary companies in the world in one package. Together we are committed to supporting global enterprises to connect with digitally savvy Chinese customers,” said Lancelot Guo, Vice President of Alibaba Group and General Manager of Strategy and Marketing for Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “With Alibaba Cloud’s innovative technologies and Alibaba’s ecosystem support, we hope to help tackle some common challenges faced by multinational companies entering or growing in China, enabling them to explore more opportunities in the market and stay competitive.”

The company said the platform also offers exclusive pricing rate for other offerings from Alibaba Cloud and WeWork. On top of traditional offerings, program participants can also enjoy other privileges such as exclusive Alibaba Cloud-hosted technology workshops, marketing opportunities with Alibaba Cloud, discounts on products and services including business registration, business travel booking on WeWork Services Store, as well as training programs and events organized by WeWork, Alibaba Cloud, SoftBank Telecom China and other program partners to deepen their understanding on the business environment in China.

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