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AI And ML Will Drive The Next Generation Of Omni-Channel CXM

It is the age of ‘Customer Relevance’ as market experts like to call it. This is the phase where everything is being defined by the ‘experience’ factor for the customer. AI is vital to this – making a big difference in the way organisations are dealing with their customer interactions, and customer support. As per industry analysts’ predictions, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be handled without human intervention.

Rajesh Balaji, Global Delivery Leader, Enterprise Application Service, Cognizant shares few pointers on how AI-enabled solutions are helping businesses. Here they are:

AI and ML showing the new way of managing relationships

AI is definitely changing the way businesses look at managing customer relationships. We are now moving away from system of records to advanced AI assisted human interactions. AI and Machine Learning are being leveraged for data -driven personalized experiences and actionable recommendations and offers. With Predictive Analytics customer data is further analysed to predict what customers will want or do in future. Businesses can now leverage the power of AI to analyse the customer data and turn it into useful insights. These insights can help business stakeholders in decision making.

AI enables real-time response

There is no doubt that embracing AI will open opportunities for businesses to provide advanced and real-time self-service for customers at a fraction of the cost. This is possible because the next level of digital customer service solutions are designed to predict customer needs by context, preferences, and historical queries. They deliver proactive alerts, relevant offers, and content to the customers. Over time these systems driven by artificial intelligence use machine learning to develop even more relevant and timely solution for the customers. The whole aspect of ‘Customer Relevance’ comes into play.

Cognitive technologies to give ‘human touch’ to chatbots

AI-driven chatbots are now crucial to transforming customer experience for next-gen customers. Chatbots are the new channels of engagements that are delivering intuitive, human-like conversations and automated experiences across digital channels by engaging with customers in natural language using voice and text. Cognitive technologies empower them to provide a human touch to their conversation. This helps organizations reduce response time and provide a round-the-clock presence. Ultimately you are able to improve the overall customer experience.

It is omni-channel and seamless

The modern digital savvy customer demands Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device service and they want it NOW, making it imperative for organizations to be omni-present. Customers want to be serviced in the channel of their choice. Omni-channel customer service integrates text, social, email, web and instant messaging to provide a unified brand experience.
The businesses need to make the experience seamless. So you need to take a customer journey-based approach. For better CXM, you should have the ability to identify where AI can address routine queries and for more complex situations. In such a scenario, a hybrid approach of AI based assistants with seamless cutover to human agents offers most seamless and beneficial experience. For instance, when a chatbot is not able to handle customer queries, there should be a seamless handoff to human agents with the entire chat context from bot interaction.

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