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10 Trends Transforming Enterprise IT: Tech Crunch Blog


Read this very contemporary blog from Matt Murphy General Partner with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers which he's recently posted on Tech Crunch and has very subtly explained how the Enterprise IT is taking shape and should be looked at. He has analyzed the 10 key trends that are transforming the Enterprise IT and says enterprise IT is passing through a very revolutionary phase. 

Important Skills for the Data Scientist


Data scientists need to be able to use many different types of systems and technologies to analyze, visualize and report on data analysis. Others would argue that software development skills are important. A few people might argue that data scientists need to be good data administrators. But what about the soft skills? What about the ability to communicate both in writing and verbally? 

Better test your systems rather than test your customer's patience!


The Flipkart episode finally got me back into blogging mode. I am sure they must have tested their IT Systems before going into the big sale day. I wonder what tests were done to assess uptime and availability capabilities they carried  for this Mother Of All Events. I remember way back in 2005 I went to my CEO stating the need to do a... 

Cleartrip's Mobile Strategy Paying Off


Cleartrip, one of the leading online travel companies in India, has predominantly been using Open Source to ensure a clutter-free website, which is quick to load, easy to navigate and offer an easy booking process. Sanjeev Sreedharan, Vice President - Software Engineering at Cleartrip in an interaction with Ashwani Mishra, Executive Editor, shares his views on IT's role in making travel simple, and the company's mobile strategy. 

Interactive Analytics: A Tool for Opening Up Your Data


To be successful working with big data, organizations really need to get their data into the hands of the people that know the data the best. In the past, this has been rather difficult to do. Giving your employees access to properly managed data combined with interactive analytics packages opens up an enormous amount of value to the organization and the organization's data.  

Commercial Mobile Apps Can Sneak Out Corporate Data


Where are the mobile apps coming from in the organization? If an app can make or break the enterprise mobility agenda, isn't this then a relevant question the CIO/CISO should be asking and investigating? Commercial mobile apps from public app stores by employees come with little or no security assurances, and could be posing a serious threat to enterprise security. It's time for CIOs/CISOs to gear up for mobile apps crackdown. 

My Refrigerator Has Gone Shopping!


I was at this conference where one of the streams focused on Internet of Things or as some speakers preferred to call it Internet of Everything. Every speaker without exception talked about smart refrigerators which will connect to the nearby or your favorite grocery store and proactively order provisions you consume and debit your credit card/bank. However, there was a missing link. 

Big Data, Icebergs and Janitor Work


Welcome to the sexy world of big data. A world in which data scientists make bold predictions about the future of business. Moving into a job in the world of big data isn't really that glamorous. Sure, you may be part of the new 'buzzworthy' world of big data but the work you do day-to-day will never be glamorous.  

Internet of Things: Can we Afford to Lose on Privacy and Security?

IOT Security 2.1.jpg

I have been super charged up about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its possible implications on various sorts of industries, businesses. While the buzz of IoT bringing a 'wave of change' is a mix of reality and hype, we also have to be aware of the possible fallouts. In some of my most recent conversations with industry experts globally, it came clearly came out that Privacy and Data Security may fall prey to this bull run of IoT.  

The Way of the Future - Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

IOT Security.png

The IoT will probably represent the biggest change to our relationship with the Internet since its inception. But amidst all the excitement and hyperbole, there's comparatively little talk of how the IoT is going to be delivered, what it means for networks and IT departments, and how we're going to ensure that it's sufficiently secure. 

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