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Insecurity about Cloud Security and Value versus Return


Enterprises have adopted a cloud first approach to their new initiatives while they seriously evaluate movement to the cloud whenever faced with any upgrade or refresh decision. However, the two biggest stumbling blocks that would not go away even with the maturity of the cloud solutions and growing customer base are ROI and Security. It does not matter how many have taken the leap of faith or how long the solution has been around. 

It will be a Fusion of Business and IT: Deloitte Tech Trends 2015


Deloitte has recently released its sixth annual report "Tech Trends 2015 - The Fusion of Business and IT." This outlines the top technology forces with the potential to reshape business models, reimagine customer engagement, and change how work gets done. report examines how some of the biggest macro technology forces are enabling historic advancements in business, government, and society. 

Elephants Can Dance: Microsoft 2.0


Last week, Microsoft showed the world that elephants can dance. For a company that failed to see and shape the mobile revolution, the event told the world that Microsoft will shape the internet of things and lead unification of user experience across platforms and devices. It is clear that the company is innovating all over again and this time users will benefit along with the industry at large.  

Mobility Propels Asianet Satellite to Next Major Leap in Customer Experience

Asianet Logo.jpg

After digitization and addressing customers directly through their TV sets, enterprise mobility is the next major leap making a mark on the industry in the area of customer experience. Satish Prabhu, Head - IT, Asianet Satellite Communications explains why mobility is the next big leap and how it helped the company achieve an all time high in customer experience while helping add new customers much more faster and cheaper. 

Asian Paints Achieves Better Business Visibility with SAP HANA


With our ever-expanding network of dealers, the amount of data to be dealt also increased exponentially. Analyzing sales trends and other key performance indicators for such humongous data quantities started becoming a challenge. We decided to take our ERP to the In-Memory platform that has helped business achieve better visibility and usability. 

Online Portal Improves Patient Experience and Satisfaction at Kokilaben Hospital


One of the key initiatives this year was to help our patients get access to lab reports online. The portal has helped us to drastically improve patient experience. We rolled iSoft for implementation of this new system. The report portal is integrated with Lab Information System (LIS) and Website. The quality of interaction between the patients and doctors today has undergone substantial improvement. 

SRL Diagnostics Uses Cloud to Enhance the Customer Experience


We needed a scalable future proof customer experience solution that could help us keep track of the customer service history and make information accessible to our call centre staff. That's when we decided to roll out a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for our customer care department. There has been drastic improvement in call handling times, increased transparency, reduction in costs and improved our security posture. 

Godrej Moves E-mail to the Cloud


We have been one of the early adopters of cloud and we will continue look at the model to provide us with faster and scalable IT services. One such decision that we undertook was to move our emailing system to the cloud. It has helped us to integrate communications between our group companies across India as well as our international entities.  

Serco Delivers Business Insights on the Move


Serco Global Services rolled out a mobility platform to provide management information that came out through its delivery centres. It is an innovative tool and probably a first in the BPO industry. It has resulted in increase of trust, transparency and accountability from our customers. Apart from having access to real-time data, customers can also pull out historical reports as and when needed. 

Atul Ltd.'s Open Source Data Warehouse: Hero on Innovation, Zero on Cost


Atul Ltd, a chemicals manufacturing company, decided on open source MySQL Pentaho Kettle Spoon Data Warehouse instead of going for the conventional Oracle Database based Data Warehouse. Rajat Sharma, CIO of Atul Ltd. tells us how this unconventional move has helped to not only drastically reduce costs but has also laid the foundation of reporting and BI operations with lower efforts, without giving up on agility. 

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