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NSE Gathers Entire Ecosystem for Business Success and Growth


In today's business environment, the customer is our key focus. Growth cannot happen in isolation alone. We realized that for NSE as an organization to grow, we need the entire ecosystem to move and mature with us. Our tech summit is an initiative to provide thought leadership and give exposure to member brokers, financial institutions and service providers to the latest emerging technology trends. 

Overcoming Challenges of Enterprise Mobility Adoption


From the C-suite to the back office, employees at all levels are increasingly mobile and "wired." Mobility is revolutionizing the whole business process. However, the migration to a more mobile work environment poses significant new challenges for IT organizations. In this article, I have listed some of the key challenges that enterprises can face as they define their mobility strategy. 

Six Problems with Enterprises' Digital Dream


The information and communication technologies and paradigms supporting an enterprise to become digitally led are emerging. But there are challenges too, which needs to be understood, addressed and solved before the new technologies can be adopted. Here, I have listed six challenges that are resulting into a hurdle for enterprises to become digitally driven and use IT as a real business enabler and a differentiator. 

Indian Banks Not Shy of Social Media Anymore


Social media is slowly and steadily becoming a critical part of the strategy, and a new channel for Indian banks who are engaging customers on social platforms, to carry out numerous activities. Over the next five years, banks are expected to focus more on synergies that can be generated by social media and other key channels, rather than calculating RoI in the social landscape. 

Will Social Media, Big Data Prove To Be Game-Changers in 2014 Elections?


Ahead of India's General Elections 2014, major political parties in the country are going all out to woo the electorate on various social media platforms and use Big Data to influence voters. Reports suggest that there could be a vote swing of 3 to 4 percent in as many as 24 states, which constitute a large chunk of Internet users. Will these platforms influence voters ahead of the polls? 

IT's Role in Creating a Student-Centred Learning Environment


New and emerging technologies challenge the traditional process of teaching and learning, and the way education is managed. Teaching with technology is fairly different from teaching in a typical classroom. It requires a different pedagogical approach. The strategy should be to transform school education from a largely teacher-centered approach to a more interactive and learner-centered approach. 

CIOs Can Play an Effective Role in Tech Startups


CIOs can play an important role especially in the evolution of startups wanting to provide solutions to enterprises. Their understanding of the business context coupled with their technology expertise gives them the ability to craft architectures that positively impact business outcomes. They should adopt a few fledglings depending on their interest and inclination. 

Software Asset Management: What's in it for CIOs?


Software licenses are bought in varied forms, box packs, paper licenses, and enterprise agreements, downloads, handed over on a disk or thumb drive. Until the industry learns and decides to work with CIOs on managing licenses, the onus shall remain with the IT teams to stay compliant with process driven provisioning and frequent internal assessments that rationalize use. 

Real World Mobility: Filling the Gaps


Organizations are still a bit confused about mobility. Companies and IT groups still see a dichotomy between seamless mobility for their employees and rigid and robust security for the enterprise. A well developed strategy for enterprise mobility should be able to reduce the gap between security, mobility and productivity without undue challenges. 

Cyber Security Tops Intelligence Community's 2014 Threat Assessment


The Worldwide Threat Assessment Report released for 2014 indicates that cyber-related threats are still the top concern for securing the nation and private industry. In response to these and similar developments, countries are creating cyber defense institutions within their national security establishments, and several of these will likely be responsible for offensive cyber operations as well. 

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