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Complexity - The Killer of Agility?


I've said a few times that the data centre of today isn't the data centre of yesterday nor is it the data centre of tomorrow. In fact, in "The Data Centre of Tomorrow" I wrote that the: "data center will be a combination of internal and external systems that combine to create an agile, efficient and effective technology delivery platform." 

Smarter Cities Okay But What About Smarter Citizens?

Smart Citizen Kit.jpeg

Why is it important to think of smarter citizens parallel to the smarter cities? Besides the obvious fact that we need to make cities a better home for a majority of the population, this kind of behaviour and thinking is driving the development of ICT as a key urban infrastructure, just as important as roads, buildings and other physical infrastructure.  

Can a Company Remotely Wipe an Ex-Employee's Device?

Mobile Security .jpg

One of my favourite sayings about cyber risk is "an ounce of prevention is cheaper than the very first day of litigation." A recent case provides a nice example of exactly what I mean. In this case, an effective BYOD policy could have saved this company tens of thousands of dollars, at least. 

Will Internet of Things Sweep the Enterprise?


It's correct that IoT is not a god sent stuff. Sensors, networking gear, cloud, RFID - technology pieces that IoT rests on - have been known to us for quite a while. What is that IoT has or will change that is catching the attention of not just consumers but also governments now. But, will it attract the Enterprise market? 

Everything As A Service

Everything as a Service.jpg

The 'Everything-As-A-Service' approach is one that makes a great deal of sense. If an organization can decide they need a new platform or a new application they don't have to undergo a long, drawn-out technology selection project and subsequent implementation project to get the right technology within their data center. 

Top Trends Shaping the Cloud in 2015

Cloud Trends.jpg

Sometime ago, I was asked by Atheneum Partners to write a piece for their global newsletter. The question I was posed was for my take on what are the top cloud trends that will shape 2015? I have detailed below (in no order of importance) what I think will be the main cloud focused trends in 2015 but I would love to hear what else you would add to the list? 

Smart Buildings - First Step to a Smart City

Smart City .jpg

A Smart City needs smart buildings, smart service providers, smart electricity meters, smart water meters, smart traffic and road safety management, smart waste management, smart security and so on. How do we connect and bring in all the diverse and proprietary systems - if they are always deployed in a building - together? 

Converged IT Infrastructure: A Must, Yet Not the Top Priority for Enterprises

Converged Infra.jpeg

As enterprises begin their tryst with digital, the pressure to rethink their IT infrastructure is visible. That's because the traditional infrastructure isn't sufficient to keep up with the business's accelerating demands. For IT, this means a change in the traditional approach towards IT infrastructure. The data centre needs to move away from a siloed approach to a converged infrastructure. Read the Core Quadrant's first Research White Paper 

Insecurity about Cloud Security and Value versus Return


Enterprises have adopted a cloud first approach to their new initiatives while they seriously evaluate movement to the cloud whenever faced with any upgrade or refresh decision. However, the two biggest stumbling blocks that would not go away even with the maturity of the cloud solutions and growing customer base are ROI and Security. It does not matter how many have taken the leap of faith or how long the solution has been around. 

It will be a Fusion of Business and IT: Deloitte Tech Trends 2015


Deloitte has recently released its sixth annual report "Tech Trends 2015 - The Fusion of Business and IT." This outlines the top technology forces with the potential to reshape business models, reimagine customer engagement, and change how work gets done. report examines how some of the biggest macro technology forces are enabling historic advancements in business, government, and society. 

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