Surya Prakash Jayanti

Surya Prakash Jayanti is Technology Lead at Walmart. He specializes in the area of technical architecture. Surya has earlier worked with BP, the oil major and Mahindra-Satyam. Surya contributes to new technology evolutions. He has specialized in Microsoft technologies like ASP.Net, C#.net, VB.net, SQL Server, Share Point Portal, IIS etc. SDLC process,Health Insurance domain, Energy and Utility domain are some of the areas that Surya has gained great expertise in. He is certified by AHIP in Healthcare fundamentals and company operations.


The Amazing Amazon


What surprises me about Amazon is its strategy. It never competed, it conquered. Two best things about Amazon are its logistics and information management. No wonder, its founder Jeff Bezos is compared with Jack Welch and Amazon with GE.  

Business Benefits And Vendor Consolidation

Vendor 1.jpg

IT vendor consolidation is the new mantra in IT efficiency. All the Fortune 100 companies have either completed vendor consolidation or are in the process of completing it. Whenever you are considering vendor consolidation, think about the business benefits you will be achieving through this. At the end of the day, the parameter on the scale of success is: How well you are serving your customer. 

IT - The New Power Center

IT power center.jpg

Today, e-commerce, social commerce, mobile payments, self checkout kiosks, and smart phone apps are changing the world at a fast pace. As businesses are realizing where their next big bucks are going to come from, IT is grabbing an important position in every stream of business. 

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