Corporate Social Media: Driving Engagement through Technology

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Organization is a community while business is an ecosystem. If we fail to realize this, we could see the two convert into potential battlefields. CIOs have the opportunity to leverage the situation to convert conflicts into collaboration in every organization.

Networking is a social behavior inherent in all human beings. People are keen to collaborate, exchange views and want them to be seen in a good light. Business thrives when people are collaborating and exchanging. We see a boost in productivity and enthusiasm when basic instincts are leveraged for business.

Can technology change social behavior? Over a period of time, the growth of communication industry has fueled exchange of views and thoughts. Mobile has made people approachable at all times. We can communicate by exchanging SMS or video. But communication has been converted into social collaboration, thanks to social media tools like Facebook and LinkedIn, which thrive on the basic instinct of human beings to be recognized.

Every organization can create opportunities to collaborate for business enhancement. Technology can support this endeavor in a big way. We are witnessing the emergence of corporate social media to enhance and help businesses in a collaborative way by letting people share thoughts and exchange views. Traditional knowledge management is getting converted into a more democratized form of exchange of thoughts and opinions providing visibility to the users.

Corporate social media uses online social networks for the benefit of the people who have common business interests within the boundaries of the organization. This promotes networking and sharing of thoughts besides exchange of information, more so when the organization is large. At an individual level, it fulfills the need of for visibility. Unlike knowledge management sites, corporate social networking sites have higher adoption and hence the probability of its success is high. 

Usually, Corporate Social Media: 

Reduces reinvention and promotes reuse

Enhances employee productivity through collaboration
Helps in talent management through exploitation of the expertise which exist in the organization

Creates employee visibility and gives them a sense of pride

Creates organizational knowledge base which can be searched from anywhere on the intranet

Enhances organizational knowledge 

Brings fun at work, all 365 days

In my view, CIOs should not automate, they should empower. Empowerment means giving the power back to the end user. This results in a bigger and better engagement and removes command, control and compliance. The success of any platform depends on this core principle. 

Today, the industry challenges are related to adoption, perception, culture, understanding, transparency and concerns of security, which are preventing the penetration of enterprise social networking the world over. Better use of technology and a matured change management approach is needed to make it successful.


D D Mishra is the Founder & Managing Consultant at CIOSpecialist. Prior to this, he was the Head of IT Governance & Outsourcing at Vodafone Essar Limited. ...

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I think enterprise social platform helps manage knowledge more dynamically, as many saying, today’s imagination is tomorrow’s knowledge, the traditional KM focus on static process, KM integrated with social and change management, the business can cultivate the culture of learning, change and innovation.


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