BYOD is a Journey at CSC India

Most large enterprises are opening up to the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  At CSC India, we are also in the midst of it, having rolled it out at the senior management level. We put the BYOD policy in place globally in May last year, and since then it has been a journey for us. 

The Blackberry has been a part of the corporate arena for a long time and now we are embracing the tablets and the smartphones of the world. However, we haven't gone to the PC level wherein we would allow people to use their own laptops. We might do it in future but as of now we are restricting ourselves to smart devices. 

Security of data has been one of the big concerns while rolling out BYOD. We did various pilots with respect to the security framework prior to the roll out to define the boundaries within which these devices would operate. As CSC is associated with various government organizations globally, it only raised the stake for us to ensure that security took precedence in a scenario where crucial data would reside on personal devices. So we defined as to how we will do mobile device management (MDM) and compartmentalize data on the device. 

As these devices have a high probability of getting lost or stolen, we are able to remote wipe the data and eliminate crucial information from without leaving a trace of it. These devices are also password protected. So even if it falls in the hands of strangers, that person will not be able to access data. If he tries to enter the wrong password multiple times, an auto wipe will be triggered on the device removing the data instantly. So our focus is the security of the data, which has to be protected at all cost.  

As for the applications, we started with messaging, mails and instant messengers which are the basics. We did a survey internally to see the applications that users would want to access on these devices. Based on that we prioritized to see which of them are important from the business standpoint. 

The other important part of the BYOD exercise is to sensitize employees about issues relating to security. That becomes very important from India perspective, if you see the demographics and the age of the people who are coming into the workforce. It is about inculcating responsible conduct with respect to security, right from the beginning. As they enter the system, they are trained about it. From time to time, at CSC globally, we conduct training on issues like security and ethics. Employees are expected to comply with it. The training also presents possible scenarios on security, so that nothing is left to interpretation. 


Ashwani Tikoo is the CIO at CSC India. ...

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