A Business Case For IT Convergence

Understanding the exact business need and matching it with the right IT infrastructure is a daunting task.

IT convergence today is not limited to a handful of sectors, such as IT, ITeS, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Telecom but has also found acceptance in Agriculture, Tourism and Education. The opportunity that lies in the Tier 2 business centers has already caught the attention of business leaders. 

Take for instance, the booming telecom sector, which despite growth has been witnessing a slowdown in subscriber additions month on month since the last quarter. Telecom penetration in urban areas is a healthy 90 percent. However, a huge opportunity lies in Tier 2 cities. A dynamic strategy, along with a sustainable convergence model, will go a long way in addressing the challenge. Fixed Mobile Convergence is doing the talks for a long time now and I clearly see that we can take the advantage of hindsight from the used cases.

Also, Location Based Services, which now comes as a regulatory requirement, is a fine example of information security driven through convergence. My fellow CIOs and the CIO community at large will do well to streamline such requirements across various verticals of business and strategize. 

Convergence has to be looked at from a wider perspective within the organization. It's not merely a unified mail and messaging platform, not only providing single interface for all online-offline media management. Rather, it is a scalable, single server based, interface agnostic mechanism to handle CRM and other critical functions of the organization, thus creating a space in the higher value chain.

Whether convergence will be a mandate for all business functions in year 2012? Only time will tell.


Kamal Sharma is the Group CIO of Mindlance. ...

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